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Lemmings of the Light

When in doubt, jump!

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Celebrating our 10 year Anniversary

Lemmings old and new come together at the gates of Stormwind

Lemmings Anniversary

Lemmings Conga starting at Ironforge

Lemmings Anniversary

Lemmings Conga finishing in Stormwind

Lich King

A surreal night, as after months of banging our heads on this fight, the actual downing of the King turned out to be rather... ezmode


After having banged our heads against the two-headed ogre for 3 weeks in a row, we finally did it!


In a superb team effort the Lemmings have downed Al'Akir, the end boss of Throne of the Four Winds


After months of slowly but surely progressing through dragon's lairs our journey in Blackrock Mountain has come to an end

Horridon is DEAD!

Over one hundred wipes later, this dreaded boss finaly met his end!

Mogu'shan Vaults is cleared!

The first raid of MoP is fully cleared, with the defeat of the Will of the Emperor!

Lemmings down Gruul!

Lemmings defeated Gruul in Blackrock Foundry

Madness of Deathwing

Lemmings have downed Deathwing!!!

Artsy Lemmings

The Soothing Mist by Jingshen


"Success!!! One of the best raids we have had..."

Hagara the Stormbinder

Lemmings were on the roll again this evening


First boss in Dragon Soul is dead!


Only our 2nd night on this boss, and the bird is in the bag :)


In what turned out to be a super night, the Lemmings have accomplished two first kills in one go


Neti: "Vico, you are using fire resistance aura right?" Vico: "There's fire damage in this instance?" Raid: "..."


We killed Atramedes for th first time on our second night with that poor blind dragon!

Valiona & Theralion

After several weeks of practice, tonight we finally got this movement-heavy fight just right: the Lemmings have downed Valiona & Theralion!


Well, it may have been some time since we Lemmings raided together, but nothing has changed
Asphodel / Aug 01, 2017 / Announcements

With the influx of new recruits and the busy day to day routines we wanted some reinforcement in our officer team. We had a few people in mind and we asked a potential officer if he wanted the job and he accepted! So congratulation to Sinbod!

Sinbod has been a great help with raidleading and organizing events together with Wessel. We believe he will be a great addition to the team.
Seer / Jul 10, 2017 / Raiding

On Wednesday we cleared Deltascape for the first time, completing all floors on the same day. On Saturday we attempted Susano extreme for the first time. The next day we tried again, and in record time, defeated the first extreme primal fight in Stormblood within a month of the expansion launching! Thanks all who attended and all who stuck around as backups, we couldn't of done it without you! Stay tuned for next week as we tackle Lakshmi!

Asphodel / Jun 30, 2017 / Raiding

First I want to mention that lately there has been some changes in the guild with people leaving. For those that are concerned about of the future of the guild I can assure you that we keep going on and organize guild raids to the Tomb or Sargeras.

Weekend pugs
There are a few people that raised the concern that they aren't able to join our raids on Tuesday and Thursday so they would be missing out on the Tomb of Sargeras on a higher difficulty than LFR. That is why we open Tomb of Sargeras for pugging on the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) on normal difficulty only! Once we clear ToS on normal, we will open it for heroic. So if you want to do heroic, come and join our raids so we can clear the tomb on normal. Of course all older raids are fully open for pugging (Nighthold and lower).

As usual, the new LFR wings are off limits until we have done the wing with the guild on the day it opens. After the LFR guild run you are free to do LFR whenever you want. All the LFR guild runs can be found in the calendar.

Sign up on time
For our raids to go ahead we need enough people, preferably 10 people or more. That's why it is important that you sign up on time. We have put multiple raids on the calendar already for you to sign up. And when there are already a lot of sign ups, people are more inclined to sign up as well. Right now we have to keep reminding people multiple times, so do us a favour and sign up more than 24 hours before the raids.

Don't be like Illidan, be prepared
Even if you can only join on short notice, make sure you are prepared. At least listen in on Teamspeak so you don't miss tactics and call out during the raid. Make sure you have repaired your gear and also please bring flasks, potions, food runes with you. We don't have massive requirements for raiding, but come prepared. Suggestion: repair your gear before you log out.

In case you have any more questions feel free to contact Waroin, Obelixa or Asphodel in game, in a message on this website or on discord.
Waroin / Jun 06, 2017 / Announcements

Calling all Raiders/ Adventurers,

As you are probably all aware, in just over 2 weeks ToS will be released to EU servers. I hope like me you are all excited :).
We as officers have been debating what requirements we would like to have in place for this raid. The discussion we have made are;
• The minimum Item level to sign up will be 885 – if you find this unachievable please contact any of the officers in game or on discord and we will help you get to this before raiding start.
• You MUST be fully gemmed and enchanted
• The guildbank can provide pots, flask and food for reduced prices, but if you can make your own it will be cheaper. Please could you bring along runes – if unsure which is best for your character ask in guild or look at icy veins guides (

• Finally, all we ask is that you are full of determination, listen to the raid leader, (they do say important things) and just stay calm and have fun.
If you have all these please put your character/ characters into the invite list. This can be as many characters as you want that hit the requirement but please state which is your main.
Link to invite list here ->

Our first adventure to ToS will be a fun run on Thursday 22nd June, if interested sign up here -> . After this raid, we will continue to go here every Tuesday and Thursday afterwards.
While I n ToS we will be having a master looter in raids. This will be to try out a new loot sysem which will benefit the group as a whole. This means that we will be prioritising players with a lower ilvl for loot and also will be prioritising tier pieces to achieve set bonuses. To make this system fair, once a player receives an item of loot their priority will decrease.
ToS will be a non Pugable Raid until officers say otherwise. We would like to experience this, as a community/ guild first. The previous content is still pugable atm
I hope to see you all there. If you have any concerns feel free to contact me, Asp. Evieh or Obe. We are always happy to help.
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