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Tyton / Feb 09, 2019 / Raiding

After a few weeks with steady progress on this boss (including last week's 1% wipe!) we finally beat the second-to-last Extreme of Stormblood. She's a Firebird, not a Phoenix!

A very fun fight with interesting mechanics like Dance Dance Revolution! Congratulations to everybody who took part! Special mention goes to Vanitha and Curiosity who switched from their regular roles for this fight.

Next up will be the current patch's Primal, Seiryu!
Seer / Jan 20, 2019 / Raiding

Another week and another boss from our past down! With the defeat of Tsukuyomi within mere minutes on the clock and after a late start (coincidentally congratulations Bibix on your fashion victory!) the Lemmings are but one primal away from being caught up to current content.

Thanks all who attended and stuck about on ts and a special thanks to Tyton for stepping in for a test attempt as a tank!

Raider of the week goes to our future Lemming recruit Marquers! ;)
Tyton / Jan 13, 2019 / Raiding

Shinryu Extreme has been a sticking point for us for a long time. It's a very complicated fight with very long phases that make it harder to learn the later parts.

However, with our renewal of our Extreme Primal events we took on the challenge again, and overcame it!

Thanks to everybody who took part, and congratulations on beating a very tough fight on our first night!