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In the past we have had several incidents regarding guildies taking their main out of the guild, and because it seems quite a lot of guildies aren’t aware of the exact rules regarding mains, alts and raiding in our guild, I’ve done the write-up below.

As you all know our guild recruits new players as a person, not for the character they play. However for game-technical and organisational reasons we ask every guildie to choose one of your characters as a Main (which is the character that gets the main rank ingame), making your other characters Alts. We expect you to focus your main game efforts into this character, by way of gearing up via raids.

This has a simple reason: the more reliable and constant the raid groups we put out (same characters), the higher the success rate in short term and long term. Short term, because people will be most familiar with the one character in various raid situations; long term, because we won’t have to endlessly run the same instances over and over and over and over to make sure every alt and their pony is epicced out.

A lot of guildies have more than one lvl 90 character, and after playing for a prolonged period with one character as their main, might want to switch their main to another character. In principle we’re fine with that, but a switch has always to be agreed upon with guild management. The reason for this is that often considerable guild resources (both time of players and materials) have been put into progressing that main character, and we don’t want players to effectively ‘use’ the guild to gear up one alt after another, while their highly geared and needed main character sits around doing nothing.

For the same reason we do not condone taking your main character out of the guild, either by just leaving, or transferring to another server/horde side. If you leave the guild with your main character we will assume that you want to leave the guild as a person, and we will act accordingly.

To give a better idea of how above rules work in practice I will conclude with how the ‘incidents’ mentioned above have been handled:

Illtharia transferred his main Illtharia to Horde side to play casually with some of his rl friends. He wasn’t fully aware that above rules hold, and after making his apologies he made Merian his main, with which he has been raiding ever since. In the meantime he decided that the Horde side thing didn’t work after all, and transferred back Illtharia (now named Equivalence). Case closed.

Serea took out his main Sereth (who already was his second main after having switched from his priest Serea) out of the guild to play with friends on the Horde side. He promised to make his priest Serea his new guild main, but in the meantime he has raided with Sereth on the Horde side, while not playing with his priest Serea. Based on this I have to conclude that Sereth his Serea’s actual main character, and by taking out his main out of the guild, he effectively has left as a person. I’ve therefore asked him to remove his remaining characters out of the Lemmings.

*Originally written by Neti, and copied over from the old website.
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