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To decide who gets to go on a guild raid run we use our invite system. In this system you sign up for the runs you are able to attend, and 24 hours in advance one of the officers (currently Evieh) checks our invite list to see who has gone more often than others, giving the guildies who haven’t been for a while priority. The higher guildies are on the list, the more priority they will have. After each raid week players who went on a raid will be moved to the bottom of the list, so if you don’t attend raids long enough you will bubble to the top of the list and get automatically priority.

Below is an example of how the system works in practice (NOTE: The list used below is FICTIVE!)

At the start of the week:
On Wednesday, at the start of the raiding week, Spitbeard publishes the Hellfire Citadel Invite List (HCIL) which will be valid for the upcoming week. There are seperate sublists for tanks, healers and dps. The overall aim is to have two tanks, three healers and a score of dps’ers per raid. The first players from every role (in bold) are given priority for each raid in the upcoming week.

24 hours before the raid:
The day before the raid Evieh checks the sign-ups for the upcoming raid and makes the line-up. Unfortunately Idlewild, Matmag and Lleu cannot come. For their specific role the people with the highest position on the list will now be given priority. So in this example those people are Pluto for the tanking and Wushi and Redhenry for the dps role.

At the end of the week:
All players that have joined the last raid week (one reset period) are now placed at the end of the list. Idlewild, Matmag and Lleu couldn’t come during the last raid, so their position on the list remains fixed and they will be on top now.

Important Notes:

  • Anybody can sign up for a guild run. However players who are on the invite list have priority over players who are not. Guildies have priority over guild friends.
  • Only main characters have invite priority. Players can be on the list with alts and offspecs as well, but the invite priority of these characters is tied to their main. If a player has an alt/offspec on the invite list, then is assumed that this means they will switch over to their alt/offspec if this is necessary to make the raid go ahead, or if this is needed from a raid balance point of view. Playing on an alt or offspec doesn't counts as having played with your main, but it does count as having attended as a non-main, and will be counted as such. In addition to being counted as attending a raid on your main, we will also track your attendance when playing a non-main role in a clear way to make sure there is a fair distribution of lemmings being asked to attend on non-main roles.
  • The person doing the line-up may also ask you to play an off spec IF the role you fulfil with your main has already been filled by players who have a higher priority than you. If you have an alternative on the Invite List then you'll be asked to attend on that instead of your main.
  • When there is a shortage of a certain role, for example healers, the highest notated alt or offspec will be given priority to fill the spot. Per raid Evieh will decide if it’s necessary to ask players to play a different role then they are used to, to prevent that the raid needs to be cancelled.
  • In principle the line-up is made according to invite list priority only. However, if this leads to a line-up which is too imbalanced to make downing the planned bosses infeasible, and another line-up is possible within the current sign-ups, then Evieh will ‘balance’ the line-up with the highest priority players available. (This rule applies only to bosses which we cannot down without specific set-up.)
  • If there is no suitable raid leader present within the 10-25 players with highest priority, then Evieh can decide to swap in a raid leader in place for the player with the lowest priority. (This rule is only applied as last resort.)
  • If there are not enough players at sign-up closing time to make a line-up, then a call for more sign-ups will be made. Sign-ups after sign-up closing time are first-come first-serve.
  • If you sign-up AFTER the close of the sign-ups then you will receive no priority. If you can fulfil your main role and the raid is not full then you will be added to the line-up. However, if the raid cannot accommodate your main role and you don't have a non-main on the invite list then you won't be added to the line-up, if you do have a non-main on the Invite List then you will be added to the line-up. The ONLY exception to that is if the late signup could fulfil the role of someone who is playing an off spec/alt to allow BOTH to play their main. The deadline for late signups is 6 hours before the start of the raid, this may only be extended if the raid is still short of player for the raid to go ahead.
  • When invites start or when searching for replacements, people that actually signed up for the raid will be given priority, even if they are lower on the list.
  • A player who replaces a player at or before the raid starts, is counted as having been in the raid. A player who replaces another player during the raid, and therefore only attended part of the raid, is not counted as having been in the raid.
  • One of the officers in the raid keeps track of all participating players and will post a headcount log in the Raiding forum.
  • When updating the list, players are given a weighted score, depending on how many and which raids they joined during the last week. The higher their weighted score, the lower they will end up on the updated list.
  • Priority on the list is only valid for a period of 4 weeks. Players who haven’t signed up for 4 weeks, will automatically go to the bottom of the list, and stay there until they start signing up again.
  • If a player decides to change over to a different main, he will be moved to the end of the list for his new role.
  • When a new player qualifies for the Highmaul Invite List, he will be put at the end of the list at the end of the reset period, followed by the players that played during the last week.

Guidelines on joining a raid after start time.

Due to the flexible amount of people we can have in raid now, we need some guidelines about signing up for raids after the deadline posted in the event on the website, and/or or joining after a raid has started. These rules will be reviewed if needed.

Circumstances in which you could join after the raid sign-up cut-off rule but before 20.45 (15 mins before raid start time):
• If you state on the event, that you are able to come and have a genuine reason for not signing prior to cut-off.
• If you think you might able to attend but are not sure, please state this in the post and keep us updated.
The Officer creating the Line-up will make the decision on whether the raid can accommodate it.

Circumstances in which you may be able to join the raid after 20.45:
• you have commented on the raid event on the website that you may be late with a genuine reason or are only able to join after a certain time.
• Joining the raid should cause no disruptions. You must be ready to join at the point the Raid Leader says is most appropriate.
• you listen in on teamspeak to know what is happening at the earliest opportunity.
• you are ready at the entrance of the instance, unless said otherwise.
• you have flasks ready.
The Raid Leader will decide whether you can join, and at what point you can join.

General points:
• You cannot just log in and ask in guild chat without any prior notice that you would like to join, after start time.
• Joining after the raid starts is never guaranteed and usually means you will have to join during the break. If you were online to join earlier, an exception could be made if we were about to start a boss and there is a warlock present to summon instantly, so there would be minimal interruption.
• You will not be able to join at any point after the line-up has been created if it means a change would have to be made in the line-up for mains (e.g. if someone would have to switch to an alt spec to accommodate it).
• If joining after start time would cause a delay or difficulty for the raid or if there is no appropriate time to join, then the raid leader should decline. Even if the person has said prior to the raid they would be able to join later. Sometimes “No” will be the more appropriate answer for the sake of the rest of the raid.

Updated: 13.02.15

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