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Roster Guidelines

General Points

• If you are absent, please make sure people know where you went if you ever think of coming back! We’ll ask you to reapply and we will be more inclined to invite you back if you left in a decent manner. Post in the absentee forum to let everyone know, or send a private mail to the Officers.

• High Lemmings and Lemming ranks are constant across the Community, and as such will be adjusted on the website as well as in games in the event of any changes. Game Leaders, Officers and Gnimmels will be different in each Community game.

• When inviting new characters, either a main or alt, the persons main character name should be displayed first in the player note. The roster can then be sorted by player note to see easily all of one persons chars if needed. The officers note should display date of invite and officer who invited that char. (WoW specific).

• For WoW, there is an addon called Guild Roster Dump which allows you to copy the roster into an excel (or other tool) file if you wish to make a back-up roster, or for reference.

Leadership Team
• Community Officers can become Game Officers in new games automatically if they wish (to help and guide new teams), however after the initial team is created, they will have to be asked by the Game Leader as would any other player.
• Community Officers who are not Game Officers in that game should be ranked as High Lemmings with a Community Officer tag (CO) to identify them
• Game Officers in one game are not automatically considered as Officers in other Games, or the Community Team and should be ranked as High Lemmings in other games.
• If any Officer is going to take a break, they should discuss this with the relevant Game Leader/Officer Team to decide on whether they will be Gnimmelled (with a HL, GO or CO tag) or step down to High Lemming status and as such follow HL guidelines on Gnimmelling.

High Lemmings

• Members will be promoted to High Lemmings after a successful nomination through HL rounds.
• If a High Lemming gives notice (through a post on the website or by informing an Officer) they are going to be absent for an extended period, the absence is less than three months, or they are active elsewhere within the community they will return to High Lemming rank.
• High Lemmings will be promoted to Gnimmel automatically regardless of whether they give notice of their absence, however if they do not give notice, and/or the absence is longer than three months with no activity elsewhere in the community, their return will be to Lemming rank.


• After 2 months of inactivity a Lemming rank player will be either kicked or gnimmeled at the discretion of the game officers.
• The main factors in deciding on whether Gnimmeling will be granted are whether we were informed of an absence, response to communication, how active the person is/was, how long they have been in the guild and the likelihood of success in event of a reapplication.
• If Officers decide, based on the above criteria, not to Gnimmel a member, they will be removed with a mail sent to them to explain why. They will be free to reapply in future if they wish.
• If a Lemming is not active in guild, but are in other areas of the community, they will be automatically Gnimmeled.


• Alts are removed after 2 months inactivity but are linked to your main character.
• If your alt has been removed from the guild, whisper the guild leader or one of the officers to ask for an invite.


• Only the main character will be Gnimmelled, all alts will be removed unless the absence is going to be short-term (e.g. less than a month).
• Gnimmels will never be removed from the guild UNLESS they are removed from the Community e.g. if they are kicked from another game within the community due to breaking the rules.
• As soon as a Gnimmel returns to the guild and becomes active, they will be promoted to Lemming or High Lemming depending on the criteria above.
• A High Lemming Gnimmel (HLG) tag on the Officers Notes in the roster indicates when a member will be promoted to High Lemming status (and will be removed if they no longer meet the criteria).


• A thread should be posted in the High Lemming forum for people to discuss an Initiates promotion to Lemming between one and three months after their invite.
• We will remove initiates that have been inactive for a month, or have been an initiate for longer than three months (which means that we have not thought it was time to promote them due to them being rarely seen online/participating in the community).
• Initiates will not be Gnimmeled, unless on the very rare occasion that the decision had already been made to promote them but not yet carried out, and the absence will be short.

Updated 18.05.18
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