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The main thing (no pun intended) is that we expect you to choose one of your characters as your Main (which is the character that gets the main rank ingame), making your other characters Alts. We expect you to focus all your game efforts into this character, by way of gearing up via raids.

This has a simple reason: the more reliable and constant the raid groups we put out (same characters), the higher the success rate in short term and long term. Short term, because people will be most familiar with the one character in various raid situations; long term, because we won’t have to endlessly run the same instances over and over and over and over to make sure every alt and their pony is epicced out.
It is also fairer because everyone in the raid is allowed to roll for loot (provided they can use it and it’s an upgrade), and in theory one poor rogue could lose rolls for that one epic dagger he wants to people’s alts ten times in a row.


Q:Am I expected to raid with the first character I levelled to 90?
A: If that isn’t your main, why did you level it first? If everyone would level alts before the main they want to raid with, it could create situations where some people get frustrated with the time it takes for us to get into raiding, while others feel pushed to level. We hope for a situation where we find the middle way and can offer raid content to people in 1 to 2 weeks.

Q: How does priority on runs work? Do mains have priority over alts?
A: From the Invite rules: “If a player has one or more alts all characters of this player will go to the bottom of the list when he has joined a raid with one of these characters. This is to prevent that a player can come with another character every raid, which would make it harder for players with only one character to join. This rule does not apply if a player is asked to join with an alt to prevent that a raid needs to be cancelled. In that case only the alt will go to the bottom of the list.”

So basically you could have 300 alts in the invite list, but only 1 of your characters would ever go, and afterwards all your characters would be dumped to the bottom of the list.
Wilgje: This does harm yourself as you acquire gear at half the rate as everyone else, as well as weakens the group that does gear up at a normal rate. So we ask everyone to use common decency! If we notice you switch around a lot especially in the first months, we will have a chat!

Q: What do I do if I have multiple characters and am not sure yet?
A: You have two options:
1. Committing to one character while you try it out, and letting us as officers know in advance you want to participate and see how this role fits you, and might go back to the other character; or
2. Postponing the choice, levelling both your characters to endgame level, and going on a raid with the character you’re not sure of to see what that’s like.

We understand if you want to go option two, but I’d like to point out that we don’t want to create situations where you ‘try raids’ for weeks on end

Q: Does an alt get equal priority on loot?
A: Yes. The main reason why is because it is fair. Everyone who is present during a kill is allowed to roll. Our invite system (who gets priority to go) is the ‘filter’; we don’t want to prioritize attendance AND be forced to prioritize loot rolling. (which is complicated enough as it is)

*Written by Wilgje, and copied over from the old website.
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