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Congratulations! You have joined the Lemmings of Light. So, what comes next?


As you know already, we consider ourselves as more than just a guild. We are a community of diverse, yet like-minded people, and as such we have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where everyone feels valued and part of our family.

As such, we all like to do things together, whether it be raiding, HC’s, dailies, social events, play other games, chat on Steam, etc, and we do this as a team. If you’re doing any of these things then offer it in Guild Chat, it is always welcomed. We respect people’s choice to play in or develop small friend groups within the guild, but if that is all you want to do to the exclusion of the rest of the community, then this is not the right guild for you and you would risk being asked to leave.

We hold politeness and common courtesy as important values in our community, and as such we would hope all Lemmings would say hello and goodbye when you log in/out and hang on for 20 secs or so as people say bb back. Also, if you are going to be absent from guild for longer than a week then we would appreciate an update on the site so we know that, and do not worry about your wellbeing.
We hope it goes without saying, but we do not wish to see bad language, or chat that isn’t family friendly in guild chat, on the website, or on TS.

Also, you are now a representative of our guild, so we hope you would reflect our values in all your WoW activities e.g. in pugs, trade chat, etc.


All new members will have a trial to begin with, during this time we will try to get to know you better and see if we think you are a good fit for our guild. We are also looking to see you are making an effort to join in, and get to know us. We want to ensure that it is a good match for both the guild, and you. The Officers will ask for High Lemmings to comment on your trial after a certain time period, when we feel it is ready to be assessed (which will be anything under three months), and the decision will be made whether to promote you to Lemming, or ask you to leave based on reasons that would be explained to you. In some cases if we feel you are almost there, but have some concerns, we will have a chat with you and give you extra time to see if the concerns can be resolved.


The current WoW Guild Leader is Asphodel, and the in-game Officers are Orthank(Jolster), Garalia and Obelixa.
In addition, we have Evieh, Chiani, Dommens, Nienor, Tyton and Joe Snow as Community Officers who input into how our community is run. Evieh is our Community Leader. You can ask any of us if you have any questions or comments about anything, either in game or through the website. You may also find us on Discord (see further on).

High Lemmings

High Lemmings are those people that have been in the community for a while and have shown they embody Lemming attitude (positivity, helpfulness, improvisation in the face of a challenge, friendliness, being considerate of other people’s feelings). In other words, people that are an inspiration and example to everyone in the community, who help make our community what it is. High Lemmings are voted for by other community members; and get special privileges such as being able to comment on community applications and promotions. Again, any High Lemming will be happy to help if you have any questions, don’t be scared to ask! *You do not need to be currently playing WoW to be a HL, as long as you are still active in the community.

Lemmings who do not have an authenticator cannot be promoted to HL rank within game, however we will still consider you for promotion to HL, and you will have the same privileges as other HL’s, except for guild bank access. This is an added security feature to protect our guild bank.

A Lemming is a regular member of the guild, who defends our guild principles in pickup groups, who treats his other players kindly, assumes the best- never the worst; patient, friendly individuals with a strong sense of community and team-play.


We restrict initiates to a small number of alts as we feel it is easier to get to know you when you are on a familiar name. If you are promoted to Lemming, you can have as many alts in guild as you want, however we do a monthly roster clean and any alts that have been inactive for 2 months will be removed. You can get alts in guild by whispering an officer from your main character with the name of the alt, and then logging over to that alt. We do this as a security feature, so please do not whisper us from the alt to get an invite as we will only make you log to you main first.


Gnimmels are members that have posted on the website that they are going to be inactive but wish to stay in the guild until their return. Any member that goes inactive for over a month will be removed (but free to reapply) if they do not inform us they are having a break.

Guild bank

We use our Guild Bank to trade items with each other, and to help level professions, gem and enchant our gear and exchange fun items like pets etc. More details on how the bank works are here.


We have a unique raid invite list system, created by our first guild leaders, Wilgje and Neti. It was created so it would fit our raiding philosophy, Leave no Lemming Behind! The invite list has some basic requirements for joining, and once you’re in, you have priority for our guild raids. The priority rotates every week so that everyone can have a fair chance to come along and enjoy the fun of raiding with the Lemmings! The system is thoroughly explained on the links below and you can always ask one of our officers for details.

Sign-up post
How we handle invites
You and the Invite System

Not all raids difficulties are free to pug. Generally, we announce each wing as open to PuG only after the guild has cleared the raid. Annoucement posts through the site will inform you when the wings are open to PuG, if in doubt you can check with an Officer before you run current content raids. More details are here.

Public Relations team

The PR team assist in the running of guild events and promotion of the Lemmings of The Light guild. Participation in this group is always welcome, and is something you could help in a big way such as running events, or a small way, such as contributing ideas for events. If this is something you are interested in joining then you can discuss it further with an officer. If you do have ideas for social events, but do not wish to join the PR team, then you can send them to Chiani, Evieh or Vico in a PM, and it will be posted into the PR forum for some love.

Final Fantasy xiv: A Realm Reborn

FF14:ARR is the new MMO in the popular Final Fantasy series and Lemmings of the Light have set up their very own Free Company (Guild). We are called Lemmings of Eorzea and can be found on the Phoenix EU server. If you would like to join us then a quick /tell in game to one of our Officers will grant you an invite.

FF14: ARR Website: If you are interested in joining, please contact the Free Company Leader: Tyton Popoto


Steam is a digital distributer of both popular and not so well known PC games. There is a wide variety to choose from, some even being free to download. Lemmings of the Light have a group you can be a part of while playing your favorite games. Steam also has a great built in chat feature. JoeSnow runs a Game of the Week event every Friday where we can get together and play some free or inexpensive games as a team such as Team Fortress 2, Don't starve together, Dungeon Defenders and many more.

Link to group:


We use Discord to keep in touch and chat outside of game chat. This app can be used on both your phone and pc, so is a perfect way to have a natter with other Lemmings!

First, you need to install the app, then create a free account and once in, click the plus sign on the left and add

We look forward to seeing you there!

Any Questions

If you have any questions on what is included in this message, or in general down the line, please do not hesitate to ask!

Once again, we would like to welcome you to the Lemmings of the Light, and hope you are very happy here.

The Officer Team
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