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The Basics

During raids, loot is distributed according to your class and role. This means we may have up to 4 different phases of rolling, which are as follows (and in priority order):-

(1) Main spec
(2) Off spec/Alts*
(3) Transmogrification
(4) DE/Guild Bank as appropriate

Whether an item is suitable for a class/role is determined as follows:-

(1) Is the item plate/mail/leather cloth?
(2) What are the primary stats?
(3) Is the item “role specific”?

Players are invited to roll at the appropriate time, depending on the order of priority and only if the item is suitable and an upgrade. The Master Looter (ML) will only interfere if a player makes a clear mistake.

Alts/Off Specs (*)

Players will only be allowed to raid on an alt or using an off spec to make a raid feasible (as per the current Invite List at the time) and upon request of the Raid Leader (RL). Such a request will usually take the form of your alt or off spec being named on the invite list for a given raid. If a player has received such a request, their alt or their offspec may attract “MAIN” rolling priority for that particular run. In the case of a player who is raiding on their alt, it will normally be assumed that they will want their alt to attract “MAIN” rolling priority. In respect of a player using an off-spec, they would be expected, at the start of the raid, to make it known whether they would prefer to retain priority on their usual main spec or have priority for their off-spec. It will be assumed a player in such a scenario would prefer to retain loot priority for their main spec, if no such discussion occurs.

For example: Player A (normally, DPS) is asked by the RL to come on his/her alt spec (Tank) to make the raid feasible. Player A can then decide, for that run, whether they wish for MAIN priority on their off spec (Tank, in this example) or retain priority on DPS gear instead.

In the unlikely event of a player attending on an alt or off spec, without receiving a request to do so from the RL, there is no transfer of “MAIN” priority, and the usual loot priority is followed (i.e. such a player may find themselves low down in the order of priority).

How Do I Roll?

The ML will call the rolls according to the above order of priority. When your turn is called for and you want to roll need for that item, do so within 10 seconds or say “pass” in raidchat. You are asked to roll straight away, if interested, and not wait to see who else is interested, as this delays matters significantly.

If you’re not sure the item is an upgrade, yell “WAIT” in raidchat. This way, the ML will extend the roll-time. Please note, if you remain silent during the roll, you automatically pass. So:-

1. Drop your roll or pass within 10 seconds when your time to roll has arisen

2. Yell “WAIT” in raidchat if you’re not sure the item is an upgrade

3. Silence means passing

Recipes / Plans / Schematics etc. (“Recipe” for short!)

Such items are dealt with on a more ad hoc basis, with the overriding objective being to hand out such plans “for the benefit of the guild”. First and foremost though, if such an item drops only those present who have the appropriate profession and skill level on the character in attendance can roll NEED for the item. If there is more than one such person present, priority will normally rest with individuals present on their main character, regardless of whether there are persons present on an alt or off-spec who were asked to do so by RL.

MLs do however always reserve the right to give priority to a player of higher standing in the guild (e.g. priority may be given to a person with the rank “Lemming” over those with the rank “Initiate”). This rule is not set in stone however, and will be handled on a ad hoc basis.

If the question of loot priority is difficult for the ML to determine and the item isn’t BoP, the ML always reserves the right to call off distributing the recipe, and can instead place it in the guild bank, for distribution at a later time.

We would expect anyone rolling for such an item to give the guild access to the recipe etc.

Points of Interest

1. Raiders are asked to keep chatter to a minimum over TS, raidchat, and “say” during loot distribution, to make the MLs job easier
2. Consider reviewing the available loot in advance. Now that the Dungeon Journal has been implemented, this is easier than ever.
3. During the loot distribution, you can take a peek at what the boss has dropped while the ML gets on with the rolls (with any treasure chest type drops being the exception ). This way you can see what has dropped before the ML announces it and decide for yourself whether you’d like to have it or not.
4. During loot distribution don’t whisper the ML, and try to leave discussions about the looting procedure until after the raid.
5. During loot distribution, don’t go to the toilet or get a drink; the RL will schedule those times. You could miss out on valuable offspec loot or info, not to mention fun.
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