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Originally written by Wilgje, copied over from the old website.

So, you want to help your guild? Read on! In this post I will give you some pointers to help with guild recruitment and the website.

Being in game last night really helped me remember some things I used to do to help recruitment along a bit. While I was guildleader, I was so passionate about recruitment that little help was needed in that department; however I don’t think Neti really has the time. Besides; isn’t it better to have more guildies be involved with something as important as the recruitment process? Show people outside our guild that every one of us is behind this guild and able to pitch in?

Guild recruitment

Here are a few ways in which you can help with our recruitment. Don’t be shy – if you do one of these things once a week, it will already help tremendously. Leave a comment if you will to let people know what you’ve done (to avoid spamming, for example)

- A good way of staying ‘in the picture’ is ‘mingling‘. Pugging, posting on the forums, getting into random conversations with random people

- Bump our guild recruitment threads. We have a thread on the official forum and unofficial forum (for which you do need to register). The unofficial forum is much more active than the official forums, but I know people look on the official ones just as much when they’re guildless. Help us stay in the picture!

- Advertising after a good PUG. When you played in a pickupgroup, and you had a good time, let people know. I know the average guildie is very social and sensitive to other people so I trust you to already be communicative and approachable; but let people know before everyone goes their way that if they ever need anything, they can send a tell to any Lemming or check out our website!

- Random conversations with unguilded people! This may seem pushy, but it all depends on how you approach someone. I’ve strucken up conversations with someone about how they were jumping around Ironforge (“Hey, you seem happy”). If they don’t respond or in a weird way they basically disqualify for guild membership but I think 9 out of 10 people will answer you with either a questionmark (to which you can clarify, the jumping), or the reason of why they’re excited. You can easily slip in some comment about the guild, but you don’t even have to People will stop and shift-click your name anyway.

- Posting a guild recruitment message in a general or trade chat channel.

Examples of recruitment messages

/1 Devilsaur/Baby seal* do you in? Whisper your coordinates to the Lemmings of the Light resurrection squad!
* replace with what’s appropriate

This really shows people what fun attitude we strive for, as well as showing we’re organised I have posted this through all kinds of levelling zones and I bet our guild name stuck with peeps (I only resurrected one person btw, don’t expect this macro to reduce your playtime )

/p Hey guys, I had a great time, thanks for grouping! If you ever need anything just whisper me or another Lemming, or check out!

Example of how to throw in that url

/2 Casual raiding guild Lemmings of the Light is currently recruiting! If you’re looking for a community to truly be a part of, check out!

This is for trade chat Short & sweet. You can also highlight things you like about the guild instead of the truly be a part of community stuff.

/w Hi there! I noticed you’re guildless- If you ever get lonely, feel free to check out my guilds’ website at

For those guildless people You don’t always have to ‘break the ice’, this quick whisper is non-intrusive and concise
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