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The invite system was created when we started to do Karazhan runs to prevent the drama’s other guilds were having (and still are) when it comes to group make up for raids. We didn’t want to just invite the first 10-25 people that signed up – that would be unfair to those slower with signing up. We didn’t want to put anyone in a position of ‘selecting’ raiders because that would be too prone to favouritism. In short, we wanted a fair system that would give everyone an equal chance to go to raids (or as equal as possible, because the raid organisers (us) still have to get a group that *works*), so the KIL (Karazhan Invite List) was developed. Later it evolved into the GZIL, then the NIL, the UIL, the ICCIL, the CIL, and the MoP Invite List's (MV and HoF). The current incarnation is HIL. Since Patch 6 we are also adjusting the invite list to treat people with Off Spec and Alts fairly.

In this system, you sign up for the runs you are able to attend, and 24 hours in advance one of the officers (currently Evieh) checks our priority-system to see who has gone more often than others, giving the guildies who haven’t been for a while priority.

A few common misconceptions about the invite list system:

- People that aren’t on the invite list yet, aren’t allowed to sign up for events.
They are, they just don’t get first dibs for a spot when there’s enough people that *are* on the invite list (because being undergeared increases the raid difficulty), or guild friends that meet our gear requirements. It makes organising raids much easier for us if we’re aware who is available in advance

- There’s 26 sign-ups! I don’t need to sign up, I won’t get a spot anyway.
By not signing up when you see there’s already ’26 signups’, you’re turning our fair rotation system into a ‘first come, first serve’ thing. And that’s exactly what we wanted to avoid when we designed this system! So please sign up if you want to go, and let the list take care of deciding who gets to go.

Also, if you really want to go, it always pays off to sign up, even if there are a lot of other sign-ups! Experience has shown that sometimes the line-up for a raid tends to drastically change due to people unexpectedly having to cancel. It’s nice to have some backup sign-ups in that case. If you aren’t that interested to come, but you want to come to fill the raid if needed, you can always sign up and put into the Comments that you sign up as ‘backup’.

'There is no point in signing up with my Alt/Off spec'
Our guild focus is to clear Heroic(we will look to clear LFR and Normal in the lead-up to this) content, we have up to 25 available places for lemmings to fill. So, please sign up to the invite list with your main first and subsequently your off specs and alts whom you'd be willing to use in order to ensure a raid can go ahead. Also so that you can still be involved if your main role is already full with people higher up the invite list. Going forward from Patch 6 of MoP we will be using the Invite List to prioritise secondary spec/alts to keep it fair.

- According to the invite list I was 100% sure of being in the line-up, but now I’m not.
In principle Evieh will give spots to the players with the highest invite list priority, there are however two major exceptions: if it turns out that the line-up according to the invite list is in fact too imbalanced to be able to down one or more of the planned bosses, then Evieh might adapt the line-up to a more feasible set-up. It is also possible that there was no suitable raid leader, and that he decided to swap in one. Both situations very seldom happen, and when they do it will always be noted in the line-up post.

- I was in the first run for this instance, and now I’m not in the follow-up run!
Especially new guildies seem to think that people who are in the first run of the week automatically are qualified for consecutive runs. They’re not, in all cases people higher on the invite list will have priority! So this means that if someone who has invite list-priority signs up for say Sunday and not Wednesday, they will ‘bump’ another player from the Sunday raid, who signed up for both runs and who already played on Wednesday. The reason for this rule is that we have quite a few of players who can’t attend all the runs in one week, and this way it is still possible for them to not attend all runs and still be able to play.

- I found a way to increase the chance of going on exactly the run I want!
Congratulations, you’ve found one of the best ways to be kicked from our guild

Some guildies have noted in the past that it is possible to abuse this rule and for example wait until the guild has cleared almost the whole instance, and then sign up for the last run of that week so they only have to play the ‘juicy’ end bosses. There’s nothing in our sign-up system to prevent this behaviour, and the reason for this is that you’re not expected to do so.

Our invite system is meant to distribute raid spots in a ‘fair’ manner over our guildies, and assumes that all our guildies are True Lemmings, who take into account the interests of our guild as a whole and of their fellow guildies in particular. Trying to abuse our invite system is seen as very unlemminglike behaviour and will result in removal from the guild.

That being said, until now no-one has ever been kicked for abusing the invite system, and we want to keep it that way.

- I still have questions!
If there’s anything regarding all of this that you have questions about/want to discuss please contact me in private (pm via the site, message in WoW or a whisper) and I’ll make a list of things to address
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