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Here is a little guide, originally made by Wilgje, and updated to fit our current GB situation

The bank tabs

The guild bank now has the following structure:

(1) Raw Materials (MoP level, but non-raid)

Please put ore, bars, herbs, leather, cooking ingredients and all other mats for crafting. If you need to take anything from this tab then please donate what you feel is appropriate to the GB.

(2/3) Crafted (non-armor) *x2 Tabs removing non-MoP recipes that will not be put in the GB

Please put Gems, Bags, Enchants and Glyphs. Also any other crafted items that are not armour. Please deposit a donation fitting the amount you take. Tab 2 is for Gems primarily. Tab 3 is for Glyphs primarily. Enchants and other crafted items can fit around these.

(4) Party / Seasonal / Misc

Please use this tab for items that are used for achievements, items for having fun or for using in an event. Be sensible! We will clear out seasonal items that are past, so if we’ve just had Halloween then we’ll clear out the wands/masks etc…

(5) Alts (pre-MoP level)

This Tab is for armour and items that can be used by characters while they are levelling. Everything Pre-MoP can be put in here.

(6) Raid Consumables (MoP level)

Pots, Flasks, Food and Elixirs for MoP can be put in here. Taking items from here is permitted with a suitable donation to the GB.

(7) Raiding drops (including raw materials)

This is where we place our most precious gear and crafting mats. All raid drops and high level crafting mats will be stored here for distribution by an Officer. Crafting materials are charged at 30% of current AH price and Gear is 50%.

How it works

Where: In Shattrah, Ironforge and Stormwind, probably Exodar, Booty Bay, Gadgetzan and Everlook too, there’s a Vault added to the bank houses. In Ironforge, you’ll find the vault opposite the leftest and rightest bankers; in Stormwind, between the bankers and on both sides of the exit. In Shattrah, you need to go behind the bankers into a little niche where an animated vault-door has been added.

How: Moving items from your inventory to the vault goes in much the same way as moving items between your inventory and your bank, with a right-click on the item or by dragging it. You can donate money to the bank by clicking ‘deposit’ within the bank window as pointed out in the image above.

Depositing items: hot or not, and what to do if it’s not

Now, everyone has been absolutely brilliant in donating items, but our space is limited. We have to have some rules on what we want to keep, and what just clutters up community space. To help you determine what’s hot or not, I’ve made a little table

HOT Purple items!

NOT Blue, Green items. These drop like flies and while it is really lovely that you want to share them, they take up a lot of space in the guildbank and have only a tiny chance of getting picked up. If you have a blue, green item you want to share, either:
-Check the guild roster for the person who could use it and mail it to them (like, level 55 cloth with intellect and stamina – send to that level 54 warlock)
-Sell it to the vendor and donate the gold to the bank for an extra tab or guild investments
-Send it to an enchanter who then disenchants it (level 80+ items preferred)

HOT Purple/Blue gems!

NOT Green gems. The stacks of each color currently in the guild bank on tab 4 are there so it is easy for jewelcrafters to get a gem for quick gemcutting. What you can do is check if the stacks are ‘full’ (up to 20), and:
-donate your gem if it’s not. If it is:
-Put it on the AH

HOT Recipies of skill-level 500+

NOT Recipies of a very low skill-level (except things like, the Mechanical Squirrel recipe). If you get one:

-Offer in guildchat; no response, please vendorize

HOT Trade-skill items of skill level 500+

NOT Trade-skill items below skill level 500. Every profession has them; the copper bars, the rough stones, the enchanting dusts, the peaceblooms. You could fill guildbank with them in a *day* because these items are easy to get. It is very nice of you that you want to help your guildies level their professions, but the time it took you to get those items is the same it will take for them At the same time, the high level enchanters will be able to use those materials, but the potions, items, and enchants that are made with them are hardly awesome. (Strange dust is used for the 1 stamina on bracers enchant.) So please:
-Ask in guildchat if anyone is (known to be) levelling a certain profession
-Send to your own bank alt
-Put on AH

Please, when you deposit items, check this list in your mind, or whisper an officer. We want to develop a system where we all get the best use out of the vault as possible. Before the system was introduced, the items collected dust on Lemmingsbank and her friends; we want to prevent items collecting dust in the guild vault system now

Withdrawing items

This one’s simple: if you see an item you would like:

1. Ask in guildchat if it’s okay if you grab this or that (if it’s a trade-skill item, mention what it’s for)
2. Ask a high lemming or someone of a higher rank to get the item out of the vault for you if it’s an item from tab six or tab seven
3. Make a monetary donation to the vault if you know the item you need is rare (like a Living Ember; donate something like 30% of the AH value and it will be appreciated)
4. Enjoy!

If it’s an item you only need one of, and there’s a whole stack in guild bank, please remember a lot of trust goes into this system and you shouldn’t take more than you need.
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