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Raiding with the lemmings is a pleasure. We raid because we enjoy the challenge and the camaraderie that it creates. Once you've been to a lemmings raid you'll know what I am talking about! The Raid Leader(RL) is the person who conducts the raid, they plan the approach, invite the attendees and write up the whole experience. This is a guide to give potential RL a context for what it takes and also to give current raid leaders a foundation on which to build their skills.

If you're looking for a guide to raiding with lemmings then you can find it here - This is a list of all our guides.

The Basics - Lets have some fun

If you want to be considered as a RL then please make it known to an Officer as they will be able to help.

As a RL you will generally find yourself having to:-

(a) motivate people;
(b) give constructive criticism in good measures.
(c) delegate tasks; and
(d) keep a reflective eye on every raid member (some more than others!)

You must remember that you will be the one doing most of the speaking, and thus you will play a big part in setting the general tone/mood of a given raid. The one thing we ask of all our RLs not to forget is that our raids are meant to be enjoyable and as a RL you will play a major role in ensuring our members (yourself included) have fun!

You will initially find your own personal performance perhaps dipping slightly, as you become more aware of those around you and how they are coping with a given event. Just remember, a little drop in DPS/HPS is nothing compared to helping a fellow raider realise an issue before it becomes a wipe, and in general you will learn to improve your personal performance sufficiently through experience.

Due to our invite system, the line-up for a given raid will be laid out for you, as will the destination. There are some situations however when you will be able to use your discretion. For example, if the line-up is of people who don't meet the invite list requirement and there is no chance that you can realistically attempt a boss then as RL you have the judgement call to change the destination. It might be a change of location or deciding not to perform a raid lock in favour of a fresh run. Any non-Officer RL will be expected to discuss such decisions with an officer first, if possible. As a general rule though, RL should use this discretion if the chosen destination or boss is too much for the line-up, in his or her own opinion. We do not expect this discretion to be used to push progression, beyond what was planned.

The Report

After the raid you will be required to post a raid report. This report will include:-

(a) a report from the addon, Headcount - This will automatically create a log of who come to your raid. It will also attempt to log which bosses are killed (can be inaccurate) and what loot was assigned – and is essential to keep an accurate, and comparative report of all our raids.
(b) a combat log, uploaded to Worldoflogs – If you do not have access to our Worldoflogs account, then your WOW combat report can be sent to someone that does, for uploading.
(c) a personal report from you. Sometimes the raid will have boss kills, laughs and loots. Sometimes raids will be a slog from start to finish and without a single kill or piece of loot, everyone calls it a night feeling downhearted. The final job of a RL is to write up a realistic account of what happened. This is a log of who did what and how and when and why etc... you can make it fun or matter of fact. The main focus here should be to give hope after a wipe night, give praise after a win and to award the Raider of the Night.


You're responsible for taking yourself and 9 other people on a lemmings raid. Where there isn't an officer in the raid it will be up to you to make sure this is done in adherence with the lemmings Code of Conduct. During the raid the RL is the person with the final say when making a judgement on almost all aspects of the raid and that includes the way people behave. The exception to this is when you delegate responsibility to others and also for the Master Looter(there is a separate guide for this). Aim to create an environment where people feel comfortable to admit their mistakes and where each player treats every other player with respect and a willingness to help. Working well as a team is the only way you're going to progress.

Team Speak (TS) and Written Communications

All raiders are required to be on TS and as the leader you will likely do 99% of your communication through TS. There are some elements of the raid that are better done with written communication.

Whispers - There will be times when having a 1 on 1 chat with someone is needed. Use whispers when you have something sensitive to say to someone, if you need to give someone a warning about something or when saying something in a open forum isn't appropriate. Use your judgement here and you'll be fine. You can also whisper Officers for any questions you might have should 1 be available. Don't be stuck!

Channels- Heals have a channel, the raid has a channel and the guild has a channel. Use these to your advantage, celebrate successes with the guild! Use the raid channel for dbm timers(countdowns etc...) and then where appropriate have an eye on the healers channel if needed.

Pre-Raid Planning

Although it isn’t required of you, there are some fights that can benefit from a bit of advance planning. Taking 10 minutes in advance of a raid to consider your approach can save much more time during the raid. For example, as you will probably know the line-up and the boss being faced, why not post a brief plan for everyone to see prior to the raid? If you think someone may need to swap from DPS to healing, why not give them a bit of warning in a PM? . If a fight requires the raid to be split into groups, assign the groups in advance perhaps? This is again something that may make life a bit easier come the actual raid.

Boss Tactics

As a RL you will be expected to explain boss tactics to the group – or alternatively, you can delegate this responsibility to another – making sure to do so well in advance so they have time to prepare.

As RL though, you will find it useful having a basic understanding of what each person is expected to do – how else can you keep an eye on them? We would recommend not limiting your preparation to watching 1 guild video or reading 1 guild’s guide. Why not check the lemmings tactics page, watch a few more videos with different tactics, speak to RL who have experience of the fights you'll be facing etc?

Raiding Time

Your line-up is known, your destination is set and you know the approach you want to take. Now is the time for getting on with it!


All raiders are expected to arrive at the raid with enough Pots, Flasks and Food to last the whole raid. If someone does need any of these then the Guild Bank(GB) usually has a good stock of them.


The line-up is ready for you on the website so simply invite them to your raid, make sure you convert your party into a raid! All raiders are expected to be online 10 minutes before the start time, if a lemming isn't online with less than 10 mins to go then start to prepare one of the lemmings who is down as a backup. The backup list will be in order of priority for each role. If there isn't a backup for the role you're missing then you may need to have someone switch roles to make sure the raid still goes ahead. Make sure you check the website event, the news event and also the chat box etc... for any comments that might have been left to explain the absence. If a backup is required to come then be clear that they will only be in the raid for as long as it takes for the absentee to arrive. This could be 2 mins or the entire raid, this is why they are backup!

Assigning Roles

Now you have a full raid it is time to setup your assistants! Change the setting to Master Looter and assign this by the line-up post on the website. If your Master Looter is absent then either assign one or do it yourself if there are no appropriate replacements. You'll probably also want to give your tanks assist so that they can mark etc...


So, thinks aren't going so well ... As a RL you should perhaps be asking yourself the following questions:-

What might be killing someone?
Are people are in the right position?
Is there a vital interrupt being missed?
Is everyone prepared for a given transition?
Did the tank swap go as planned?
Are the healers burning through mana too quick and if so why?

It would be very easy to slip into a blame game at this stage because you'll need to find a way to communicate when people do something wrong. If you're learning a new fight or running through farm bosses you'll still need to be able to tell someone to move, stop, click and extra action button etc... and doing this without demotivating or embarrassing people is essential.

If you get a kill then make sure everyone is alive and then hand over to the Master Looter for them to perform their duty. If this is a first kill then make sure you also take a screen shot for the website. When in game you can Press Ctrl + Z to hide your UI and then hit PrtScn. There is a folder in the game install for screen shots.


You can call a break at any time. We insist that during a raid that people have a quick 5 mins(usually 4 mins) for a bio and this is usually appropriate at the half way point. If someone request it sooner then you judge if that is OK. Sometimes people will use the bio break to talk tactics or to go and buy gems etc... for an item that dropped in the first half of the raid.

Calling Time

When you get towards the end of the raid you need to choose a suitable time to end the raid. If you've had a wipe night and there are no signs of making any further progress then this can be sooner than the end of the raid so long as another attempt would take you past the raid end time. If you've made excellent progress and think that a kill is on the cards then ask the raid if there are any objections to continuing past the raid end time. They could do this via whisper to avoid any embarrassment they might suffer should they not want to be the one to force the end of the raid.
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