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We felt it was time to have a little gentle reminder about some of the things we expect from people before and during our raids to make them easier for the raid leader to lead and make them generally more fun and successful.

Our main principles:

  • Be responsible - the main principle behind Lemmings raiding is that we want to provide a safe and fun environment for exploring content we don't know yet. We expect those raiding however to commit themselves fully to the task at hand. You are one of 10 in a raid, and those other 9 people deserve to have a 10th team-member that comes prepared ... so make sure you come with potions, flasks, food, have your gear repaired and your addons sorted before the raid
  • Be on time - We are very strict on this: when you sign up for a raid, and you're in the line-up, we expect you to be there. People that are placed on the final lineup as 'backup' will only get priority on a raid invite if they are online at the start of the raid (and it's appreciated if you are!), but if you're 'backup' and have made other plans for the evening it's appreciated if you post a comment to say you won't be online.
  • Be dependable – We all know things happen that are out of our control, but please avoid unnecessary AFKs in a raid. Also try to avoid cancelling your signup when you're in the line-up unless strictly necessary. We understand it if you're ill, or have a family emergency etc.
  • Be yourself - We play the game to enjoy each other's company as much as getting through content; so allow us to get to know you!
  • Be approachable - Be open to feedback or commentary

Before a raid:

  • Please sign up to raids with as much notice as possible, this includes Flexi raids. Whilst Flexi is great in allowing people to come at short notice, it also adds extra pressure on the raid leader to work out their strategies for the bosses and can cause extra time in waiting for players to be ready. Any notice you can give you are coming, or might be coming, would be very helpful. Comments can also be used to indicate if you might be able to attend.
  • When signing up for raids, the Maybe option does not actually mean Maybe. Unfortunately, we cannot change the word, but we use it to indicate you would like to be a back-up. This means you are available to raid if needed for the line-up, but we would give you the least priority in getting a slot. If you want to indicate you might be able to make it, then please use the comments to indicate that.
  • If you sign-up, and then cannot make it, please try to inform someone ASAP so we are not waiting for someone at the start of the raid. If you can't get on the site, then there are other means of contacting us e.g. steam chat or facebook.
  • Although flexible raids are flexible, we still insist on you playing you Main unless we need your Alt to make a viable line-up. You are welcome to change your Main if you would rather bring a different role/character to raids.
  • Please ensure you are prepared to raid before invites appear. This includes having flasks, food, repaired and being appropriately reforged, gemmed and enchanted. We do not want to hold a raid up whilst one person is busy getting flasks. We are aware that on occasion it is unavoidable, but it should be an exception, not the norm! Feel free to use breaks to get new gear ready, as long as you are back in the raid ready to go at the end of the break.

During a raid:

  • Please be quiet and pay attention whilst the raid leader gives tactics. Input is welcome where appropriate, but should not take over the raid leader's narrative.
  • During a fight, please listen to the raid leaders instructions. Assistance in calling out things missed would be appreciated, but only if appropriate e.g. we don't need 10 people trying to call out things!
  • Please, please feel free to ask questions if you do not understand something or need something explaining again.
  • After a fight, input is welcome in discussing any changes to be made, however we need to be mindful of finding the right balance between that and attempts on the boss. Please keep any comments constructive.

After a Raid:

  • Don't forget there is a tactics section on the site where you can add anything important about certain fights that others might find useful.

Remember, we are all there to work as a team to learn the fights and our characters better. So, be responsible for yourself, be dependable for the team, be approachable for constructive feedback and be yourself so we can all do this with the fun nature that sets Lemmings raids apart from the rest!
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