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Becoming a Steam Friend

Lemmings of the Light is a multi-gaming guild with a major presence in World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14. We have an active steam group with an event every Friday playing a number of games including Team Fortress 2, Left for Dead 2, Dota 2, War of Roses and Guns of Icarus Online.

Lemmings of the Light is a family friendly community with values that include treating others with respect, working as part of a team and playing fairly.

As a steam friend, you will be welcomed into our steam community, you can join our games and steam events. At this stage, access to the website will be limited to seeing the calendar.

To apply, please fill out the following questions and post it in this forum. We will then move those answers and contact you in due course, so please do not be alarmed if you can no longer see yours.

About you

I have read, and agree to the Lemmings Code of Conduct [tick box]
Where are you from and what is your native language?
Are you able to join us on TeamSpeak?
Please provide a brief list of the steam games you would like to join us in playing
Someone in your group has just made a mistake, how would you react?
You're in a group with someone who doesn't seem to understand what they're doing. What do you do?

About us

Where did you hear about us?
What kind of group do you think we are?
What do you expect from us as a group?
What are your main reasons for wanting to join?
Why would we enjoy playing with you?
What question would you ask yourself if you were us, and what is your answer?

Fill in the questions below this point if you are an old member that is reapplying to our community. If this does not apply to you, ignore them.

When were a member of Lemmings, and within which game/s did you play?
What is the reason you left before?
How do you think you have changed since you were last a member?
What is your main reason for wanting to play with us again?