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I thought it's a good point to sit down and discuss our plans with regards to Lemmings of the Light, and how we intend to establish a community within WildStar.

The short version of events is that we will have an in-game guild, and all existing Lemmings who want to come over and give WIldStar a try are welcome to join us. The more, the merrier! We'll be running Exile side (because... Aurin!)

However, in order to form a vibrant, viable community in WIldStar, we're going to need more folks than just those who have already given the game a try. We're therefore looking to recruit new Lemmings into the fold, and will be beginning recruitment before the game officially launches. We're pinning the recruitment start date in with the name reservation process, which is due to open on May 13th, as at this point people will be able to reserve names on particular servers and we should know which server we're wanting to be on, and we can reserve a guild name. No point in us trying to recruit folks from other servers this early in the lifecycle of the game! There's a little more information here

Our recruitment posts will be going on the official forums, reddit/r/WSGuild, Wildstar Central, and Wildstar Core.

On 31 May, the game will open for Early Access. Garalia will be playing during the early access period, but will not be able to form the guild officially until hitting level 12, reaching Thayd, and having enough in-game cash (10g) to sort things out. So prior to that point, there will be an in-game Social Circle to help co-ordinate folks and have a common chat channel.

From launch onwards, we'll be keeping a close eye on folks levelling rates and the numbers at each bracket, and will pop some events in the calendar for the appropriate brackets (shiphands, adventures, and dungeons). At first, it's going to be a bit fast and loose as folks will be joining us at all different points in the game, and may have different play schedules. Once the dust settles, we'll get a regular rhythm to things and pop in more organised events.

While you're playing, you might want to make more use of the Calendar or Shoutbox, and let people know that you're planning on running particular content on any given night. Whether that's a group instance, or just running through a zone, feel free to let people know, and see if you can't get a group going.

Our planned roadmap is as follows:

May 8 - Open Beta and EU servers become available. We should be able to gather some server names at this point, and potentially select which server we want to roll on come the headstart/launch dates.
May 13 - Name Reservations open.
May 14 - Recruitment posts go out to our targetted sites (,,,
May 18 - Open Beta closes. The servers are wiped in preparation for headstart.
May 31 - Headstart opens. We form a Social Circle in-game to act as a temporary placeholder for /guild chat.
June 3 - Launch Day. We should have the guild formed by this point.
Week of June 8 - First "official" scheduled events popped in the calendar.

Update 14 May: We're planning on running on the Eko server, and Gar will be running as Garvia until pre-launch, then either Garalia (reserved) or Aesculus (if it becomes free)

Update 28 May Gar managed to snag Aesculus in the name reservation system after the problems were ironed out. Look out for Aesculus online on Eko once headstart begins. Our planned timeline for 31 May is:

09:01 - servers up and character creation begins
10:00 - Social circle invites sent out
14:00 - Guild formation and invites sent out

These times are subject to change depending on server stability, competition for quest mobs and items, and other factors not directly within our control.

We will be running on the Eko server. Don't forget to change your Realm with the Realm Select button at the top of the character creation screen!
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