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Lemmings Raid Leading Guide

This guide is intended to help both existing Raid Leaders and Lemmings who feel they would like to try lead a raid but didn’t know where to start.

There are a number of Add-Ons for disposal for Raid Leaders. Some are standard Add-Ons that should be used by all raiders and some I recommend to make life easier.

Omen Threat Meters
This one is not such a large requirement as it used to be as there are not so many issues with regards to threat build up as there used to be, but I still recommend it.

Deadly Boss Mods
This is a core essential add-on and every raider should have it! Its core functionality helps with warnings and timers on all bosses, and as a Raid leader if you install the add-on mod gives you more functionality.

Raid Tracker
Raid leaders use Mizu's raid tracker.
This add-on keeps account of Attendance, Kills and loot, and can be exported to use on the raid report.

Master Loot Remix 2
On the odd occasion you may be asked to handle Masterlooting this addon canmake life much easier. When a boss is killed and you click the boss the addon is populated with the loot. Click Main button and it will announce the loot for mainspec roll, Offspec button for OS. You can assign a Disenchanter and a bank collector and assign loot to those people with one click.

Logging combat info
I recommend this addon as you never have to worry about starting/stopping combat logging as it does it for you. You can configure it so it only logs certain raids, for example it will log all normal Emerald Nightmare raids but doesn’t do any LFR you jump into.

You can also use the askmrrobot addon to do automatically logging.

Raid Specific Add-ons
During different expansions there is often addons released that help with certain bosses. Keep an eye out for these and make use of them if it makes life easier. In WoD we used Thogar Helper ( for example which announces trains and shows safest areas to be stood so you don’t get squished.

In game setting
To allow the movement function to work on Warcraft logs you need enable advanced combat logging in game before you start the combat log. To do this, in game press escape to bring up game menu and select system, Network and tick advanced combat logging.

Pre Raid Preparations

As a Raid Leader you are expected to be knowledgeable about the fights which you are leading the raid to face. With farm bosses this is easier as the raid know what they are doing and have had experiences from other raid leads on what should be done at any given time. However, this should not stop you studying boss tactics for yourself, and you will need these when you face bosses that are not yet on farm and maybe even the first encounter with that given boss. So below are a list of recommended tactics sites

Icy Veins - Icy veins is a Solid source for both class and raid guides.
Wowhead - Wowhead have improved on their guides a lot lately.
FatBossTV - This is by far my favourite source for all Boss tactics.

Website access.

To be able to produce reports successfully ensure you have an account setup on Warcraft Logs ( and you have joined the Lemmings of the light and download the client for uploading the combat log to the website. We are also using AMR infograph. So again, ensure you have the add-on.

Be Proactive

One thing we are trying to encourage at present is being proactive. Once the raid lineup has been posted by the officer team and you are announced as Raid Lead for the evening, make a post in the comments with the intentions for the evening, which Bosses you intend to visit in which order, what the setup will be if you need to assign groups etc, and what people on the raid should be aware of during the encounter. This will give people time to prepare and will save you time on the raid.

Starting the Raid

All raids should be ready to start engaging trash as close to 21:00 as possible. Ensure as a Raid Leader you are on line on time. If you know you will be cutting it fine, assign someone to start setting the raid up for you. Start invites around 20:50 and you can manually invite people to the raid or use the function in DBM.
Under DBM options you have Auto-Invite Tool. Ensure the Enable auto invite by keyword is selected and enter a keyword in the box.

Then just send a message out in gchat to whisper you with <Keyword> when ready for an invite. I have found this a little flaky in the past few attempts so recommend you have WIM installed ( so if the auto invite doesn’t go out to that person you can just click the invite to party button on the whisper.

Once everyone is invited, promote everyone in the raid by pressing ‘o’ and selecting raid tab and clicking All tickbox.

Ensure the raid difficulty is set correctly for the raid you are supposed to be on by right clicking your own portrait in your UI and selecting Raid difficulty.

Set the Looting options and the loot master. Again, from the right click select loot options and set to Master loot. Set the master loot option to Epic.

Open the raid tab as above and right click on the person assigned to master looter on the raid line up and select set as master looter.

One final setup is to set main tanks. This will separate the tanks in the raid frames so they are easier to monitor. To do this open up the raid tab and right click on the tanks and select promote to main tank.

Your raid is all set and ready to Zone in and get started. Once inside the raid, ensure everyone has flasks and pots needed. Pop a guild chest if needed and get them the needed items from the guild bank.

Running the raid

Have a clear plan what you want to do with the evening. Usually a good way is to use a mixture of farm bosses and boss you are still working on. This way it gives people the option of a kill as well as facing wipe nights.
If you are not using the addon as suggested above for combat logging, ensure that you have started combatlogs.
Keep the raid focused: We are the lemmings! Above all remember that, nothing should be taken too seriously, but don’t let things run away. You are the priority speaker as Raid Lead, and comical banter always brightens the evening up but don’t let it get out of hand. If you find it difficult to get a word in edgeways use your ready check button ;)

Don’t over discuss tactics, always listen to people for input when things are not going to well, but don’t let talking take over the raid, get the attempts in, make a clear decision what you want to try and go with it.
If you need help calling out due to lots of stuff happening at the same time and unable to keep track of it all, I tend to follow 2 simple rules.. that outspoken person in the raid you can’t shut up… now they have something to talk about, use them ;), secondly if some is in a better position to see the things you want monitored, use them too, for example you are ranged and something is happening in melee area you don’t have clear visibility of, find someone that does.

Send reminders throughout the raid for pots, flasks, food, rune buffs etc, use your voice and /rw, gentle reminders >:)
Use the ready check functions to ensure everyone is ready before heading into pulls. Ask the tanks to use pull timers, to allow everyone to pre-pot ‘/dbm pull 7’ will count down from 7 in the raid windows.

Call a 5 min Bio as close to 22:00 as possible and use a timer
/dbm break 5 (I believe the command is off the top of my head)

Once the countdown is finished use a ready check to ensure everyone is back before proceeding.

As a last resort if you are struggling to keep everyone’s focus and find yourself being swallowed up. Whisper and Officer to help you out get focus back.

Ending the Raid

Aim to end the raid as close to 23:00 as possible. If you are close to killing a boss and feel another try may be worthwhile, tell the raid to whisper you if they have any problems having another go before continuing. Don’t use ready check as this gives everyone visibility of who has called a halt to the raid. If pushing past 23:00 causes a problem in the slightest for anyone, don’t try to convince them otherwise, just call an end to the raid there.
Once the raid is done its report time

Producing the report

Navigate to the correct section on the website forum > Games > World of Warcraft > Raid Reports
Create a new thread with Location, Difficulty, and Date e.g. BRF Normal 04.04.15

Export the data from raid tracker, ensure you have the correct export options set. In raid tracker options, select export, and check that BBCode with Wowhead links is the export option.

Select the completed raid in the raid window and click export. This will pop a box up, just select CTRL-C to copy the information and paste in the body of the report you have started creating.

Use the Warcraft logs uploader from your PC, click upload a log

Select where your combat log is stored, ensure the guild is set, and enter the description for the raid and click Go!

Once complete this will give you the option to view the report, do so and copy the URL from the webpage and post it in your report.

Do a small write up on the raid, where you went, what you killed, what you didn’t and what difficulties you had, and any fun you had etc. If you learnt anything helpful on a fight that’s not currently on farm and it is useful to share post a thread in forum > Games > World of Warcraft >Strategy.

Finally before posting name a Raider of the night (RotN), if someone has performed exceptionally well, helped out, given guidance, first time attendance etc. whatever makes someone stand out to you.

Congratulations on your Raid Leading adventure!

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Awesome guide, Beat :)
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#11492247 Spitbeard wrote:

Awesome guide, Beat :)

Hear Hear!

Massive thanks for the effort that went into this. It's awesome!
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