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Obelixa / Jul 15, 2018 / Announcements
Dear all,

in preperation of the expansion in World of Warcraft I will clear out the bank at the start of august. I will vendor everything from WoD and earlier, like gear, cards, Tradingpost mats and also raw materials from Legion. And also gear under ilvl 900.Tab7 and 8 will stay.
If you want something please take it out of the GuildBank
Seer / Mar 31, 2018 / Announcements

Dear Lemmings,

The moment has finally arrived and Joey at last proposed!

In game...

And I had to ask first...

The event has been scheduled to Sunday 8th April and all Lemmings are invited if you have the game and a subscription, of course.

Incidentally and totally not related there is a returning player campaign going on that awards temporary four days game time from the time you log in, so if your planning to attend make sure your within the wedding date! The post about that is here!
Tyton / Feb 28, 2018 / Raiding

The Lemmings have beaten the latest Extreme Primal added to the game!

We've been working steadily on it for about 3 weeks, and this was a night of great attempts! Our second pull of the night (after a slightly messy first pull where the tanks couldn't decide who was main tanking) was a 2% wipe, and we had a few more 3% wipes after that. We had definitely learned the mechanics and it was just a case of pushing for that extra bit of DPS.

Our final pull came about 20 minutes after the break, and we got the kill just as Byakko started his enrage.

Congratulations to everybody who took part tonight! It was a great effort by all, and now it's a case of getting the fight on farm so we can all get some fancy weapons.


RotN goes to Elm for hopping on a healer for the first time in this fight at the last minute and giving some good advice on how to manage mechanics. And also for winning the loot!