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The News needs you!

Evieh / Jul 19, 2015 / Officer News

Have you ever felt like you needed to tell a story? Need an audience but not sure where to turn?

Well, worry no more!

The Community News (formerly Officer News) requires budding journalists to help put together a regular publication that will go out to all members of our Community (to start).

Not much into writing? Why not put together some puzzles or perhaps a crossword! Or maybe you're into art?

Any ideas are welcome. Just pm Evieh and I will add you to the group.



I'm also looking for someone to do a write up on the London meeting to put in the "paper", so if anyone who went is willing, please let me know :)
I vote Matzy for that. I believe it will be the funniest account ;)
I also vote Rin to give his account, I think he found quite a few London things strange!

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