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Beatemgood / Aug 28, 2016 / Officer News

Dearest Lemmings,

It was only back in December that I squeezed my slim figure in the lovely pink gown and announced my intentions on leading the Lemmings into the Legion expansion.

It saddens me though that this will be my last post to you as a guild as GM of the Lemmings of the Light as I have to announce that after only a short period in the boss lady seat that I will be stepping down as Guild Leader of the Lemmings of the Light.
Since taking on the role nothing has worked out as it should in Real Life and my time constraints and a few other personal issues are getting in the way of running the guild as it should be run and I felt as a guild you deserved a leader that was able to dedicate themselves more now that the Expansion is upon us.

My wow future is currently unknown but at present I will be stepping down to a Lemming rank which will allow the leadership team to take the guild smoothly through the next expansion and deeper into the future without any upset of me jumping around ranks while I find my feet inside and outside of the game.

I thank you all for the support you have given me in the short time I have been guild leader and I would like to give an even bigger thank you to the officer team who work tirelessly behind the scenes and keeping the guild running as it does, which without them being the GM of this guild would be a near impossible task. \applause

Tomorrow early evening 18:00 CET I will be online to hand over the reigns to the next boss lady.

Who will this be you may ask!!!

One brighter note on this news post is I would like to introduce you to the new Boss Lady. This person has a massive experience in the officer team and is a shining light of where to turn too, and they have an surmountable knowledge of what works for the Lemmings and what doesn't. Their in-game knowledge is vast which will aid in taking the guild forward into the coming expansions.

Please join me in congratulating Asphodel as the new Boss Lady of Lemmings!

It goes without saying you will be safe in the knowledge that Asphodel and the leadership team will steer the good ship lemmings through whatever is thrown at them.




It saddens me that you have had so many issues which I truly hope improve, I had a feeling something may be up but didn't want to pry. I am not surprised by either your stepping down nor the choice of guild leader.
Asp is the perfect person to lead the guild and as you said is unparalleled in both knowledge and enthusiasm .
I hope things improve for you beat and that you still remain an integral part of the guild , I have the upmost faith in asp leading lemmings forward and no doubt that he will make the boss lady dress look far more stylish given he doesn't seem capable of a bad transmog .
Thank you for all you have done beat .

Thank you for, well, everything.
I'm glad you will be around, We'll talk :)

Thanks for everything Beat :)

Yay Asp! You'll be awesome for the community, perfect person for the role :D
I hope you figure out real life Beat, nothing i more important!

On a brighter note, congratulations Asp!
Thank you for your time as Boss Lady, I hope that RL things sort themselves out and that your time in game will become more of an enjoyable get away.

Congrats Asp, you will do a fantastic job :)
Thanks for everything you've done, - I hope things ease up for you soon. :)
Thank you former boss lady. You did good. I hope the best for you in real life :-)
Wish to see you online some time in the future. Have fun :)
\o/ 😎
Good luck IRL, just take it easy.
I hope to see you somewhere in the future hanging out with the guild again :)

Congratz Asph, you deserve it!
/outgoing applause for Beat
/incoming applause for Asp
thx for everything m8

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