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Evieh / Sep 20, 2016 / Announcements

Hey Lemmies!

Just wanted to update everyone on some happenings in the Community Officer team.

Recently we have been trying some re-structuring to try and get things off the ground when it comes to promoting our Community as well as providing fun things for Lemmings.

With that there have been some Community Officer promotions.

Asphodel, Jingshen and Dommens have all joined the current Community Officers, myself, Chiani, Joesnow, Nienor, Garalia and Spitbeard.

We hope to bring you some exciting things, so keep a lookout for any events in game or on the webby. Also if you have any suggestions or anyithng you'd like to see then let us know :)


Sounds good ! Congrats guys , look forward to seeing what you have planned.
'Grats all! :)
2 thumbs up!

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