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Roadmap: Legion UPDATED: 21.09.16

Evieh / Sep 22, 2016 / Announcements

Fellow Lemmings,

Updated 2016-09-21

With Legion fast approaching (in about ermm 12 or so hours) we are letting you know what the Officers' plans are for the coming weeks. All dates for our events are to be confirmed so keep an eye on the calendar and any website announcements.

The first month, give or take
The first month of the expansion will be full of levelling, new adventures, new zones and lots of gearing up. Make sure to ask your fellow Lemmings along to any dungeons etc so that we can get as many friendly groups going as possible.

Raid: The Emerald Nightmare
The Emerald Nightmare is an area of corruption within the Emerald Dream. Some background info about it can be found here.

• Fun Run
Our First dip into this raid, which opens on the 21st September, will begin about a month into the expansion. Fun runs are a part of Lemmings history where we enter a raid without tactics and ilvl limits just to get a feel for the place and to have a bit of a laugh. There are no expectations to down any bosses this night but you never know! ( *cough* Dragon Soul, Morchok).

• First Guild Raid
Our first proper guild raid will happen a few days after our Fun Run. Ilvl requirement is 820+ and all characters will be expected to be full gemmed and enchanted before entering the raid. Whilst the game is still new we will accept cheaper (but current) versions of gems and enchants to get you going. If you need help then don't hesitate to ask an Officer or any fellow guildy. For LFR see some below.

• Raid Days
Earlier this year we polled fellow Lemmings to see how they would prefer for us to schedule the raiding days. It was decided that we would alternate the days and swap in some Mythic dungeons as well to mix it up a little. More info on this will be provided nearer the time. The days we are currently looking at are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

• LIL (Legion Invite List)
Dungeons, including the coming Mythic+ are open to pug. But ask in /g first please to help eachother . The invite list is a way for us to keep track of who is raiding, people's mains and for us to check periodically that toons are gemmed and enchanted. The invite list can be found here You can also put an alt on the list who has a different spec so we know if there are other healers/tanks etc available if needed.

• LFR: The Emerald Nightmare
As always we will be organizing LFR runs on the days the wings first open. The dates will be:
Wing 1: 28th Sept
Wing 2: 12th Oct
Wing 3: 26th Oct
We ask that Lemmings do not enter LFR until or after our guild run so that we get as many people as possible going together. After this you will be able to use LFR as you please.

Please remember that we do not allow Pugging of raids whilst they are still a part of guild progression. This is to ensure that we have the maximum number of people raiding with the guild and that our scheduled raids can go ahead. We will always announce once the raids are open to PuG.

If you have any questions at all then please do not hesitate to contact an Officer.

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This post was modified on the 21st to include:
Mythic+, LFR and World Bosses are open to PuG.

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