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Tomb of Sargeras nearly here

Waroin / Jun 06, 2017 / Announcements

Calling all Raiders/ Adventurers,

As you are probably all aware, in just over 2 weeks ToS will be released to EU servers. I hope like me you are all excited :).
We as officers have been debating what requirements we would like to have in place for this raid. The discussion we have made are;
• The minimum Item level to sign up will be 885 – if you find this unachievable please contact any of the officers in game or on discord and we will help you get to this before raiding start.
• You MUST be fully gemmed and enchanted
• The guildbank can provide pots, flask and food for reduced prices, but if you can make your own it will be cheaper. Please could you bring along runes – if unsure which is best for your character ask in guild or look at icy veins guides (

• Finally, all we ask is that you are full of determination, listen to the raid leader, (they do say important things) and just stay calm and have fun.
If you have all these please put your character/ characters into the invite list. This can be as many characters as you want that hit the requirement but please state which is your main.
Link to invite list here ->

Our first adventure to ToS will be a fun run on Thursday 22nd June, if interested sign up here -> . After this raid, we will continue to go here every Tuesday and Thursday afterwards.
While I n ToS we will be having a master looter in raids. This will be to try out a new loot sysem which will benefit the group as a whole. This means that we will be prioritising players with a lower ilvl for loot and also will be prioritising tier pieces to achieve set bonuses. To make this system fair, once a player receives an item of loot their priority will decrease.
ToS will be a non Pugable Raid until officers say otherwise. We would like to experience this, as a community/ guild first. The previous content is still pugable atm
I hope to see you all there. If you have any concerns feel free to contact me, Asp. Evieh or Obe. We are always happy to help.

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Yes and hoping to get the last 1 point on ilvl on my Druid this week :D

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