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UPDATE on Lemming raiding in World of Warcraft

Asphodel / Jun 30, 2017 / Raiding

First I want to mention that lately there has been some changes in the guild with people leaving. For those that are concerned about of the future of the guild I can assure you that we keep going on and organize guild raids to the Tomb or Sargeras.

Weekend pugs
There are a few people that raised the concern that they aren't able to join our raids on Tuesday and Thursday so they would be missing out on the Tomb of Sargeras on a higher difficulty than LFR. That is why we open Tomb of Sargeras for pugging on the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) on normal difficulty only! Once we clear ToS on normal, we will open it for heroic. So if you want to do heroic, come and join our raids so we can clear the tomb on normal. Of course all older raids are fully open for pugging (Nighthold and lower).

As usual, the new LFR wings are off limits until we have done the wing with the guild on the day it opens. After the LFR guild run you are free to do LFR whenever you want. All the LFR guild runs can be found in the calendar.

Sign up on time
For our raids to go ahead we need enough people, preferably 10 people or more. That's why it is important that you sign up on time. We have put multiple raids on the calendar already for you to sign up. And when there are already a lot of sign ups, people are more inclined to sign up as well. Right now we have to keep reminding people multiple times, so do us a favour and sign up more than 24 hours before the raids.

Don't be like Illidan, be prepared
Even if you can only join on short notice, make sure you are prepared. At least listen in on Teamspeak so you don't miss tactics and call out during the raid. Make sure you have repaired your gear and also please bring flasks, potions, food runes with you. We don't have massive requirements for raiding, but come prepared. Suggestion: repair your gear before you log out.

In case you have any more questions feel free to contact Waroin, Obelixa or Asphodel in game, in a message on this website or on discord.


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