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Patch 7.3 Guide

Sinbod / Aug 25, 2017

Lemmings of the Light,

Now that Argus comes closer and our campaign in the Tomb of Sargeras is almost done, we have to prepare.
Anonymously I got requested to tell you the following "Uh urg.... YOU ARE NOT...yet...PREPARED!".

That, Heroes, is why we hope to help you in the right direction with the following guide!

"We are prepared" -Any Demon Hunter with some sort of Illidan based name

The Netherlight Crusible

The Netherlight Crucible is a new feature in patch 7.3 that allows you to further empower your artifact relics. Each relic that you drop has a random tree of traits that you can choose up to 3 from. Saving relics that are naturally average or good for you might turn into an excellent relic with the Crucible.

Order Hall Recourses

Patch 7.3 adds a new level cap to followers, adds new legendary equipments, and adds new types of troops. Those new troops will cost 250 the first time you recruit them and 2500 afterwards. They will be vital to counter new enemies and threats from missions.

New Gems!

There are new gems cuts coming with the patch, that will teach Jewelcrafters new designs like Quick Lightsphene which, for the majority of the classes, will be better than the current epic cuts.
Make sure to ask around in the guild to see if anyone can make them for you!


There more point you have in Concordance, the more AP you will receive in the beginning of Pacth 7.3

The Nethershard vendor will be moved to Argus and will sell higher iLvl gear.
Farming them won't be the best way to get high gear, so you can safely give them to Khadgar for a legendary ring or something. :P

Hopefully the provided information gives you a little headstart for Patch 7.3!
Let's charge in together!

If you want to check out all the new stuff yourself, you can go to the following WoWhead guide.


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