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Raiding and gearing help for 7.3

Waroin / Sep 01, 2017 / Raiding

Hey all,

As you are probably aware 7.3 has arrived, this will come with so many fantastic new shiny stuff. Yes we will eventually have a new raid but it is believe that it won’t be out for just over 2month after patch release like with 7.2 with the long wait till we got ToS.


It means we have around 11 weeks to clear Tomb of sargeras, this should be so easy as we are doing so well at the moment with only kil’jaedan in the way off a full clear. Don’t Forget with new comes a nerf so kil’jaedan will get easier 😊 once completed normal we may take a peek behind the heroic curtain.
I would also like to thank you all for your help and fantastic effort to push through Tomb of sargeras the way we have, keep it guys. Also thank you to all new recruits who have joined over the last few months and helped make everything possible, cause as a guild we started to struggle for sign ups, what with different things being enhanced and made easier so this changed a few people thoughts on raiding whether it was to broaden their horizons or test themselves with heroics and mythic content.

What will 7.3 bring to you?

New raid : Antorus, the Burning Throne

As stated before, we will get a new raid eventually and will probably be a long wait than farming apexis crystals…. But there is plenty of new things being released to fill the void and help gear us up even more to progress through ToS while we wait.
There has been a fair few things said about this but I heard some people the new raid is a good mix of ToS and uldaur, yes uldaur. I want a tank please 😊
So far announced the loot drops will be 915+ LFR and 930+ for normal so it’s not a major jump so gives us plenty of time to prepare for it 😊 As always, we will have a fun run and just go crazy and see what happens on the first raid night after release date.
So let’s gear like crazy and kill argus himself 😉

New dungeon: Seat of the Triumvirate

On week 3 of patch, seat of triumvirate will be released and like with 7.2 it will probably come with a quest to clear this, we can possibly get some guild groups for this 😊
Along with this being released, the ilvl drops from dungeon will be increased by 20 ilvls and yes that includes your weekly mythic class chest which will drop 920 plus if completing +10 mythic so strongly advise trying to do this each week as its free loot. Also for those who like a challenge mythic 15 and above now has its own class mythic loot group. As before it was above 10 and you get the same and if you completed a +16 mythic. Not anymore, anything above 15+ will get you a 950+ piece according to PTR posts.

Gearing through expansion

Week by week, we will unlock more of the argus area and quests and new features, so it will be slow to begin with. But it does come with some nice stuff.
Argus is very like broken shore in the way of the more you complete you unlock. WQs will be a thing still, and rares will spawn in the area. Also a new feature is like the portals you have on broken shore, they are also in argus but have been improved. These portals will take you to legion strongholds and are more of a challenge will probably need a group to begin with, the more of these you complete the more stuff you get from them, and eventually world bosses from them.
One final similarity in argus is a currency, we have a new currency and like with broken shore, we can trade these with a bloke for gear. To be exact the same bloke you brought 880 gear from in broken shore, he will now sell 910 gear, so get hunting those rares and portals…

That is it really but here is some helpful tips

Keep farming AP and level concordance, as will get vital when shadow and light crucible is released. More phew phew damage.
Complete as many portals and rares and you can to get your gear up.
Check this website out for anything you are unsure on or just whisper me and I will try help you through content to help gearing.

Obviously guys, this is just a guide and helpful tool from your friendly neighbourhood officer. Don’t feel like you have to follow this or do it just hear as a help.

Finally have fun and hope I didn’t bore you, hope this helps. If stuck with anything just put a message in gchat or discord and I am sure people will help. Now let show the legion the Lemmings of the Light will prevail


Good advice all around
Good round-up! It may be worth putting up some video guides on the new scenarios too, - always helpful to understand tactics and get an idea for what's happening in any particular phase.
I will post raiding and dungeon video as soon as they released siru atm there are only PTR videos which everything will change in them so will be confusing to everyone
Doubt you will get any for a few weeks yet

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