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Don't hate, donate! (or something less bad......)

Evieh / Sep 05, 2017 / Announcements

Dear Lemmings,

As you may have noticed, the webby has recently gained a "Donate" button near the bottom of the page. Instead of just putting it there and hoping for the best we wanted to let you know why it's there.

The cost of maintaining the website on the lowest package for a year is $95.90. As firstly WoW Officers and then Community Officers, we have split the cost amongst us to make sure we can always keep in touch, bring you news, arrange events and also just for general banter. Now with fewer Officers and some being short on funds, it's become harder for those that can contribute to foot the cost.

We have discussed using the Donate option a few times and always decided against it as it can become complicated, but we felt that it was an appropriate option at this time. This is by no means a mandatory thing, and no one should feel like they have to contribute in order to be a part of the Community. It's really only if you can afford it and want to help out.

We would prefer not to have to use the default website as it has a giant advert banner in the middle of the page and also we cannot customise it at all. We are currently working on giving the webby a new look in the months to come.

There will be a cap of £10 per donation as we do not want people to be giving more than is fair or necessary; any amount is helpful. The donations will no longer be accepted once the target is reached. Any remaining cost will be split evenly amongst Community Officers who are able to contribute


I'm glad this decision has been made :)
Great idea.! It's may however be worth looking at something cheaper, - only concern I have with Shivtr is their lack of security for site handling & processing, - for all their claims about being compliant (, they don't even have https enabled for account info transmission. Ultimately your call :)
The security issue popped up for me yesterday as firefox update wouldnt let me on site untill i white listed website due to risk of security , but yes a good idea.
Yeah I raised this because it makes a lot of their claims meaningless. Salting and hashing data is useless if transmitted content isn't encrypted. Having worked as a technical engineer in the past, it raises concerns I couldn't really ignore because it leaves sites open to further vectors of attack should they be taking shortcuts in other areas we can't directly see or analyse. Without causing unneeded alarm, it doesn't take much these days for a site to infect or render your machine inaccessible.
We have looked into moving the site, but the sites we looked at didn't offer anything new to make it worth the effort it would take to move everything. Though it doesn't hurt to explore this further. We do need a website that can accommodate the features a gaming website needs, so unless we can get someone to build a site then we are stuck with this kind of thing. Any advice would be much appreciated!
Not sure if you've looked at this one, but personally I'd at the very least recommend taking a look at - it supports more of the games you play (FF for example), and they use SSL/2048 for transactional encryption. (Minor issue with image security, but within reason given the nature of the site.)

More than happy to donate, but I can't in good faith do it for Shivtr given how insecure their setup is.
Why not try Squarespace?
If anyone has experience with WordPress and some time to offer, it would make a great alternative. We are looking into options for a new website, gamerlaunch included :)
I know a thing or two about Wordpress and have some time to offer, but can't say it will be done perfectly and very fast
Though it is the Online Wordpress, not the version which lets you code stuff from a program.
We should have a chat Sinbod :)
I know a few people us enjin it allows you to have Final fantasy aswell
Just so peeps are aware, we are going to re-sub on Shivtr for now and look at possibly moving before the next sub is up :) It's a big undertaking and some things need updating.
Good luck whatever path you take!

If you're continuing with Shivtr, these are the vulnerabilities they need to fix should you wish to raise it with them. They render the site and whoever uses it, vulnerable to malware/injection attack. ;

  • Content Security Policy (CSP) header not implemented
  • Cookies set without using the Secure flag or set over http
  • HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP) header can't be implemented without https
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) header cannot be set for sites not available over https
  • Does not redirect to an https site
  • Subresource Integrity (SRI) is not implemented, and external scripts are loaded over http - (this one is severe.)

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