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We've put the kill in Kil'Jaeden!

Asphodel / Sep 22, 2017 / Announcements

Starting almost exactly three months ago (22nd of June) in the Tomb of Sargeras, we finally killed the last boss on normal: Kil'Jaeden the Deceiver. Raid report is here.

I want to congratulate and thank everyone, I think we only had two raids cancelled that whole period so well done all! A special big thanks to the raidleader team and Waroin in particular. I can imagine it took a lot of patience, but we made it in the end.

Coming Thursday we'll see how hard the heroic difficulty really is. After that raid we're going to decide what we're going to do until the new raid will open up (predictions are November 15th). I am sure we'll visit Kil'Jaeden again to give people that couldn't make last night's raid a chance on killing him.



Thank you asp 😂 and you stole my line how dare you 😂 thank you all and congrats
Well done all!
Well done guys :)
Really good - only took 1 half night and a few bits and bobs over the last couple of weeks. Different people and whatnot so yeah great stuff.
Joe Snow
Well done WoWies! \o/
well done. Congrats :)

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