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A new (WoW) officer of the Light!

Asphodel / Oct 26, 2017 / Officer News

With two WoW officer leaving us for newer adventures, the current WoW officers were looking for reinforcements. And one name came up. Fortunately for us, she accepted! So I present you the newest member of the WoW officer team: Nimthîriel!

Nim has been in the guild for a long time and involved from the moment she joined again (she has been in Lemmings before, but joined another guild in between only to rejoin the Lemmings of the Light again). Sometimes she has been questioning decisions that were made, but all for the good of the guild. We're looking forward to seeing Nim use her energy to help the guild as an officer.

With the in between period the information have been lacking a bit, like the raid line ups.
With our team growing again we can focus on the daily tasks again and keep you up to date.


Congrats Nim! I'm sure you will be a great asset to the Officer Team.

Perfect pic to put up as well!! :D
WOW thanks asp/evieh :) wasn't expecting a fuss *blush*

Edit: Firstly I would like to thank the officer team for choosing me to be able to serve the guild further , I look forward to helping out both with the community and the WoW activities .
I truly appreciate this great oppurtunity. :)
Gratz Nimmy!

Back in buisness! This is no doubt a good decision ;-)
Congrats! 😀
Cheers both :)
Grats Nim! No doubt you'll do a great job 😄
Congrats Nim :D
Congratulations Nim! As others have said, I am positive you will do a fab job :D
Incidentally, I've just noticed it is almost 3 years to the date that you rejoined us :)
I did notice that chi :)
Congrats! :D I'm sure you will do great things for the lemmings, good luck❤️
Joe Snow
Welcome to the team of officery people! :D

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