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Lemmings Triple Triad Tournament - November 2017

Tyton / Nov 26, 2017 / Announcements

Our first Lemmings Triple Triad Tournament event took place today!

We challenged each other to many d-d-d-d-duels, and Joey was the runaway winner!

1st - Joe Snow
2nd - Evieh
3rd - Tyton
4th - Seer


I relied on Hauchefant and was suitably rewarded with 4th place and a pain in my chest.
Popoto used Red eyes Black Nidhogg, it wasn't very effective.
Evieh distracted everyone by winking and throwing a bazillion cards at them.
And Joey, King of Card Games, summoned Exodia?!?!

MVP goes to my Fat Chocobo, so round, even his numbers!
Is this the same triple triad that was in FF8 ???? I loved that game so much.
Yep! I believe it works pretty much the same.
Omg this may be tipping point to get me into ff online .....
It's pretty much the exact same game except you can't choose your reward, nor lose cards. So there is RNG to winning cards off people, including only winning MGP which is the currency for the mini game stuff.

I enjoy it, I'm just not very good at it. :P
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