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Lemmings defeat Tsukuyomi (Extreme)!

Seer / Jan 20, 2019 / Raiding

Another week and another boss from our past down! With the defeat of Tsukuyomi within mere minutes on the clock and after a late start (coincidentally congratulations Bibix on your fashion victory!) the Lemmings are but one primal away from being caught up to current content.

Thanks all who attended and stuck about on ts and a special thanks to Tyton for stepping in for a test attempt as a tank!

Raider of the week goes to our future Lemming recruit Marquers! ;)


Well done everyone! It was a looong night but we did it!
Wooowoooo! Yay well done all, glad to have that one out of the way. Still a tough fight :)
Well done us! Especially Marquers, he did a lot of the work. (Also, yay fashion contest!)
Well done everybody! It was exciting listening to you get the kill over TS (and a little stressful as I couldn't see what was going on!)
Great night, fun fight. Thanks Marques!
Note for my future reference - the blue moon is the dark one.
congrats all, i keep forgetting to put this but if anyone wants or if its possible to add people to friends list cross server you can add me Rexus Wald, would be nice if we could do a dungeon every now and then :D
What world are you on Rex? They are adding a cross world visit system sometime before the expansion. I don't think you can add cross world friends but we could also set up a cross world link shell.
I'm on Odin, i think you can do duties together as long as you are in the same data centre which i believe we are :)
Cool :)