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Asphodel / Jan 03, 2017 / Raiding

Raiding Days

12 people voted on our raiding days. Our new raiding days will be Thursday, Monday and Tuesday.
The raiding times will remain the same. From 9PM game time to 11PM game time.

Tuesday was the most popular option. The others days were closer together in number of votes. As officers we want to keep the Friday for Game of the Week events. Doing raids on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday would be to close after each other. That would mean we could stick to our current raiding days (Thursday, Sunday, and Tuesday) or make a change. We heard from several people that they wanted to raid but couldn't make our schedule. That's why the Sunday raid will be moved to the Monday.

The raiding days will be added to the in game calendar to help you remember. But you still have to use the site to sign up for the raid to avoid confusion.

Trial of Valor continuation

Starting the 5th of January we will continue in the Trial of Valor. We're on Helya, the last boss of the instance so the raid will be extended to have enough tries to kill her. It's a difficult fight with a lot of mechanics, so it will need a lot of practice.

The Nighthold

The Nighthold will release on the 18th of January. As is tradition in Lemming of the Light we'll face the new raid during a fun run on the 19th. Fun runs are raids where we're going in with minimal or no tactics and just see what happens to get a feel of the place. Depending on the progress we made in Trials of Valor we continue on Helya or move to the Nighthold after the fun run. We'll keep you updated closer to the release of the Nighthold

The first wing of LFR will release a week later on the 25th. A guild run will be scheduled on Wednesday the 25th of January. After the guild run the first wing will be free to pug.

What can you PuG?

As of this moment, the only Raids available to PuG are The Emerald Nightmare LFR and Normal versions, and Trial of Valor LFR. Please visit this post here to keep up to date with what is Puggable.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact an officer either in game, here on the website or on discord.
Evieh / Sep 23, 2016 / Raiding

Dear lemmings,

We've discussed the topic amongst the officers and we wanted to give you an update. This is also mentioned in the LIL

Legion enchants on gear is not mandatory at this time. But +850 gear. should have some if they are not too expensive.
The same goes for flasks. Use Draenor flasks for now if you can. Use legion flasks when the price comes down.

Gems +100 are easy to get. Ask a guildie like Obelixa for example to make them. Better is always allowed.Gems should be the +150 at least.

We'll revisit this topic at appropriate time.

Cheers and happy raiding and dungeoning!