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Tyton / Sep 26, 2018 / Raiding

The Lemmings are at 5/8 on Uldir!

Vectis is a boss that has given us a lot of trouble over the last few raids. It is a DoT management boss that is more difficult with smaller raid sizes like ours. We have tried multiple tactics until we found one that worked best; stacking up and moving away from the Gestated player. Bad luck killed us a few times due to the DoTs stacking all on one person, but for our kill we managed it with very few casualties!

Congratulations everybody on beating a tough boss. Now to see what the later bosses in the raid have to offer!
Tyton / Sep 19, 2018 / Raiding
Over our last couple of raid attempts we got a couple more bosses down!

First, on Tuesday 1tth's raid we managed to beat the Fetid Devourer on our first attempt! He's quite a simple boss, with adds to kill, breath to dodge, and tanks to not stand next to.

And then on our Tuesday 19th's raid we beat Zek'vos, Herald of N'zoth! This one took us a few attempts, and we struggled on our first night. We did better on our second night, getting to the later phases on our first attempt. Unfortunately we lost a few Lemmings due to a disconnect and instance server issues not letting them back into the raid. We thought we'd have another go and got the kill! Next time hopefully everybody will be there for it!