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Seer / Mar 17, 2019 / Raiding

Once upon a time, at the start of Stormblood, the Lemmings were on a roll that might of also been on fire. We had defeated Lakshmi, she of the fragrant bosom, and Susano, merry lord of the Revels, while they both were current content and had visited them regularly with the understanding that they would surrender to us ride worthy animals in exchange for being murdered. We had even attempted the fabled Savage, and though the general consensus was that it wasn't for us at the time, we did manage some success before very bravely advancing in the opposite direction (Deltascape was a silly place).

But then there was the dreaded dragon primal named Shinryu. On October 10th 2017, a date more famous for the Great Shirogane Housing War, the Wandering Minstrel dreamed up a daunting fight. We fought with the dragon primal a great many times but had little success with him, his icicles froze our tongues when we tried to lick them and his great gusts of wind rarely failed to send us plummeting to our deaths. Eventually we moved on, and while we did defeat Byakko, he of no games yet gains, there was always Shinryu at the back of our minds, tormenting our waking moments. We would not get too long a break however, for Tsyukuyomi, she of the floppy ears and longer nights, once again put an end to our raiding aspirations with a stab of her heel and a poke of her spear. It was debatable if we were ever going to catch up with the content properly, and if it was going be this expansion or the next when we are all Gunbreaker/Dancer Vieras.

But at the start of this year, January 2019, the Lemmings tried again. Under the banner of Stormblood Adventuring we rode out to settle old scores. We fought and defeated Shinryu and then a mere few weeks later we slayed Tsukuyomi. We were left with Suzaku, she of the firebird/phoenix confusion, and though we danced to her song she too fell to our amazingly funky dance skills.

For the first time since 2017 we were tackling current content. But this would be the greatest of all the previous challenges. Seiryu, he of the many sneks, concocted a punishing gauntlet of mechanics that pushed us to our limits. To compound matters, due to the patch cycle we wouldn't be granted any overpowering gear upgrades or even the aid of the Echo in defeating him. It was clear we would have to use our wits and the power of friendship to behead the slithery serpent.

And failing that hit it really hard in the face...

Finally, however, we depleted his HP to 0 before he depleted ours and we won with the final cry of "Do you want to go again for wolfies?"

Well okay we got cocky went back in and died some more but we won once and so that's all that matters okay?


Stormblood Adventuring is not over! We shall continue to focus on catching everyone up on the content and in the process obtain loots in the shape of wolves that glow and sing catchy music when ridden. And to obtain shinier instruments of hitting, casting and smashing I suppose.

And of course there is always Savage raiding...

But for now at least, well done Lemmings! \o/
Tyton / Feb 09, 2019 / Raiding

After a few weeks with steady progress on this boss (including last week's 1% wipe!) we finally beat the second-to-last Extreme of Stormblood. She's a Firebird, not a Phoenix!

A very fun fight with interesting mechanics like Dance Dance Revolution! Congratulations to everybody who took part! Special mention goes to Vanitha and Curiosity who switched from their regular roles for this fight.

Next up will be the current patch's Primal, Seiryu!
Seer / Jan 20, 2019 / Raiding

Another week and another boss from our past down! With the defeat of Tsukuyomi within mere minutes on the clock and after a late start (coincidentally congratulations Bibix on your fashion victory!) the Lemmings are but one primal away from being caught up to current content.

Thanks all who attended and stuck about on ts and a special thanks to Tyton for stepping in for a test attempt as a tank!

Raider of the week goes to our future Lemming recruit Marquers! ;)
Tyton / Jan 13, 2019 / Raiding

Shinryu Extreme has been a sticking point for us for a long time. It's a very complicated fight with very long phases that make it harder to learn the later parts.

However, with our renewal of our Extreme Primal events we took on the challenge again, and overcame it!

Thanks to everybody who took part, and congratulations on beating a very tough fight on our first night!
Tyton / Sep 26, 2018 / Raiding

The Lemmings are at 5/8 on Uldir!

Vectis is a boss that has given us a lot of trouble over the last few raids. It is a DoT management boss that is more difficult with smaller raid sizes like ours. We have tried multiple tactics until we found one that worked best; stacking up and moving away from the Gestated player. Bad luck killed us a few times due to the DoTs stacking all on one person, but for our kill we managed it with very few casualties!

Congratulations everybody on beating a tough boss. Now to see what the later bosses in the raid have to offer!
Tyton / Sep 19, 2018 / Raiding
Over our last couple of raid attempts we got a couple more bosses down!

First, on Tuesday 1tth's raid we managed to beat the Fetid Devourer on our first attempt! He's quite a simple boss, with adds to kill, breath to dodge, and tanks to not stand next to.

And then on our Tuesday 19th's raid we beat Zek'vos, Herald of N'zoth! This one took us a few attempts, and we struggled on our first night. We did better on our second night, getting to the later phases on our first attempt. Unfortunately we lost a few Lemmings due to a disconnect and instance server issues not letting them back into the raid. We thought we'd have another go and got the kill! Next time hopefully everybody will be there for it!

Tyton / Sep 06, 2018 / Raiding
We had an excellent turnout for our traditional Fun Run event for the new raid.

Lots of fun was had getting to know the first couple of bosses of the raid. In fact, we got to know them so well we killed two of them!

Taloc is an interesting fight involving lots of blood & cudgels all taking place on an elevator. It took us a few attempts to get used to moving away from the cudgel attack while also trying to keep as much of the room clear of blood pools, but we quickly dispatched the boss. Even on our very first attempt we managed to get him down to below 1% before we wiped!

M.O.T.H.E.R. (don't ask me to repeat what it stands for) is a complicated fight that required a bit of pre-planning. After a few attempts of trial and error to see what worked, we finally got a pattern down to send people through the forcefields. Once we found a system that worked, we managed to defeat her!

Thanks to everybody who attended tonight! I don't think we expected to kill two bosses on our first excursion into the raid, so everybody can give themselves a pat on the back! Let's hope our success continues.

Don't forget to sign up to our future raiding events that are up for all of September! Also ensure that you are signed up to the Invite List if you want to raid with us. And if you need help gearing or preparing for raids, we have a few crafters in the guild that can assist!