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Who we are
Lemmings of the Light is a multi-game community, with roots in the Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game “World of Warcraft”, playing on the EU - Aszune server. Founded April 1st, 2005, the ten people signing the Guild Charter simply wanted a safe haven from ingame bullies and silly teens.

After only a short while though, a lot of the founding members had either left the guild or the game, and the reigns were passed over to Wilgje. “With no idea of how to run a guild in World of Warcraft but a strong moral compass of how people need to be treated – fairly and with equal opportunity to pitch in and participate – we just muddled along for a few years. I was told we couldn’t do it ‘our way’; we would never be able to raid, we would never be able to get a tight community going.”
Instead, the guild easily breezed past the average life-expectancy of 6 months, breaking into unfamiliar territory with careful thought and preparation as Lemmings faced new challenges, new game expansions, and changes to gameplay and player culture. Wilgje handed over the reigns to Neti in 2010 and the guild continued to thrive. In 2012, Neti decided to hand the reigns over to a long standing member of the officer team, Bulldaz After a transition period, Neti and Wilgje took a back seat in the Lemmings leadership however, they are still very much valued for their input and advice which is still given to this day. As a leadership team, it is important to us to hold onto the values and vision that Wilgje and Neti had.

Our eleventh year anniversary has come and gone and the Lemmings of the Light WoW community has moved onto their newest challenge: trying to preserve and expand the community we have – friendliness, positivity, fair play and camaraderie – and bringing that into the real world, and from there into new online adventures.

To embrace our new focus on Lemmings of the Light becoming a Community, and not just a WoW guild, Bulldaz became our Community Leader in 2013, and Matzy took over as WoW Guild Leader who handed over the reins to Vico. We now have a WoW Guild leader in the form of Beatemgood, another long standing member of the guild. We now have a thriving Community which has numerous ways to keep in contact, such as our website and Discord chat. In addition to WoW, we now play a number of games together such as Wildstar, Diablo 3, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Clash of Clans, Final Fantasy 14, War of the Roses and many more! We have a special event every Friday to play our favourite games, and explore new games.

So what set(s) us apart?

• We thought up our own membership reward system with allowing honorary and loyal members a way to pitch in on the guild’s future by giving them a voice in recruitment.

• In World of Warcraft, we invented our own raid rotation system, to allow equal opportunity and prevent cliques.

• We became known for an unconventional approach towards the server by organising server-wide events.

• Members like Joesnow invented games within the existing gameworld like the Lemming Olympics, which is repeated once or twice every year.

• We became famous for our Lemmings raid Undercity video on YouTube:

• We made two magazines to celebrate our fourth and fifth birthdays. A third magazine was released in 2012, and future Jump magazines will be eagerly anticipated.

• We value you for who you are, not for your gaming skills.

• We are a non-discriminatory guild, with a no swearing policy.

• As a community, we bring the same values and friendship to the wide range of games we play.

• We have an active website, Steam Group and TS channel to chat to other Lemmings.

In other words, we are a group of creative unconventionals, with a mature sense of right and wrong, a healthy approach to leadership and open arms for those happy people that would like to join us!

So why not register for an account and find out more of what we’re about, right now?

You can also contact any of our officers in game:

For World of Warcraft: Asphodel, Nimthîriel, Evieh and Obelixa.

For Final Fantasy 14: Evieh Morningstar, Grimmont Darkseer, Loreena Snow and Tyton Popoto.